How I found the treasure of celestial wisdom

All my childhood, I have grown up in a hindu family, following all the religious traditions and rituals for all festivals, praying God almost on a daily basis. He is seen as savior, someone who is going to make all things right and as per our desires if we follow certain rituals. I remember following my grandmother writing jap mantras all the time, for her may be it was a way to express her devotion towards God. For my innocent mind, I thought that is a way I can be accepted as devotee of God, where he will ultimately solve all my problems

But as we started growing up spiritually, noting the practicality of the situation, also hating God at times for not fulfilling our prayers inspite of doing all the rituals. I came to a point in my life, where I thought all these religions equations that my vulnerable mind has been imbibing from the surrounding are all baseless, or with lack of depth of understanding. Not that, I deny the fact that I am not religious or non believer in God. I just realized that there is something more to it then just blindly following all rituals for our selfish mottos at times.

And then one day, the time came in my life, when I was completely shattered and hit hard by the destiny. I thought there was no way out. I prayed like there was no Tommorow, purely through my wounded heart. That is the first time ever I realized the power of pure prayers to God. I can’t tell you the sense of satisfaction I felt deeper inside, like I blindly assumed that my so called Supreme power or God has already heard me. For which the answer came back to me in the form of learning incident, or prominent omen sometimes or through ur inner voice.

While on my journey to unleash all the spiritual and religious misconceptions, I carried along with me since all my childhood, I came across this book ‘The laws of spirit world’ in one of the libraries where I used to stay. I was completely astonished to find the right kind of book for my right state of mind, which I was in. It literally doused the fire of my burning desire to know the answer for my numerous questions, which were trapped in my mind like ball of confusion with no clarity. It convinced me to change the beliefs I was carrying in my mind, with natural impact of logics mentioned in it.

There on wards I started reading lot of spiritual and thoughtful books for more clarity and similarities in the thoughts of various spiritual leaders. I m still in a learning process with strengthening my connection with that Supreme force with whom I found a long lasting eternal connection.

For me that Supreme force, that holistic vision of deity which comes in front of my eyes, when I close my eyes is lord Shiva.

Well I had other topic in my mind this weekend, but I just couldn’t stop myself being mystical on the occasion of Mahashivrathri this week.

I absolutely owe this overwhelming post for my eternal lord


8 thoughts on “How I found the treasure of celestial wisdom

  1. Great blog….. Loved the way u have expressed the journey of ur life in the divine pretext…. Can very much relate to it with mine………good that u r heading toward to exact path…. Which we all as human beings are suppose to follow……thanks for all the positivity and motivation….

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  2. Truely amazing blog… I really am able to relate to this write up for similar situatious I came across ,rather everyone would be able to relate to this somewhere…
    you have vast knowledge and many more experiences to share with the world; I am glad you started writing..
    So good to see you write such wonderful blog ….. waiting for your next post
    All the best …😊🙂

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    1. Thx a lot Abhijeet. Your words r truely encouraging. I will surely try my best to make everyone happy n feel personally connected to my posts. After all we all r same energy with different bodies.


  3. You expressed your views in the best possible way. I would suggest you to read Amish Tripathi’s books and the way he portrayed mythological characters as mere humans with abilities. You would love it.

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    1. Ohh thx for ur suggestion. Actually tht was the first mythological fiction I read,long time back. And it’s still remains my favorite. Just missed on the last recommend any other books that suits my interest. Thx a lot for following me.


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