Surve’s pure non-veg:Essense of nostalgic aroma in pune.

Apart from being spiritually inclined, food is another major part of my life. I know it is everyone’s, but few people are too engrossed in it, more then their daily activities. One of them is me. Even if my day is screwed up by anyone or for some reason, eating delicious meal that day would do the trick for me easily. And you will eventually find me content end of the day.

Food lovers will always look for opportunity to eat out. Looking out for the cuisine which will match their taste buds at different times of the day. Beware, we are seriously very planned and particular about it. Gosh, I do not want to spoil the food lovers anymore and gang them up. My intent is purely to upgrade the lifestyle of people around me. Keeping our taste buds in mind, I hope to share some healthy recipes some day.

But for now just have a look at this mouth drooling experience at Surve’s pure non-veg restaurant in Pune. Before I start with review, I would like to let you know, though they have non spicy options. I would strongly recommend it for purely spicy food lovers.

Being a Maharashtrain, we are by nature spicy food lovers, as the non veg cooked at our home is filled with spices and equally addicting. Keeping us Nostalgically available at home when we desperately crave for that taste.

But I never knew, until I had been to Surve’s first time that it would so easily match with the taste back home. I was completely thrilled and amazed with strategy this chain of restaurant has implemented so brilliantly without compromising on the feeling of eating food at home.

You can try their various options. Well I had the chicken thali and it was absolutely finger licking. The taste reminds me of the village food. When most of the Maharashtrians visit ‘Jatra’ at their villages. If you are longing for that homely food, served with love and smile, this is the best place for Non-veg lovers.

Though there must be lot of restaurants in and around pune serving similar food, well this is close to my home and conviniently available whenever I miss ‘Ghar ka khana’.

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