15 Self – Growth Initiatives and Tips for Beginners.

Imagine the whole world equipped with alert conscience to work on their self-growth issues, based on their individual strengths and weakness, traits, upbringing and lifestyles, striving together for constant self improvement, simultaneously with their daily rut of routines, there would be so much of less stressful people around the world, less suicides and less bitterness among everyone of us.

But the key lies in asking yourself, are you really willing to sow the seed of self-growth within you and be that luminous and Radiant flower one day, who have no regrets in your life whatsoever, and ready to die with pride, as you have achieved the goal of self inner growth to your best of potential, even if you remain infamous person, but human being of great substance.

If you think you are ready to dive into the pool of self growth, here are 15 self – growth initiatives and tips for beginners in sequence :

  • Decluttered self and surrounding :
  1. Everything starts through your body, mind and surrounding, so I believe it’s very important to have healthy and clear mind&body with Decluttered surrounding to start things with clarity.
  2. Self realization & self awareness :In order to start anything consciously, it’s very important to have self realization and awareness of yourself and the surrounding around you. Find ways like meditating, practising silence to understand yourself much better.
  3. Self Analysis : You are always growing and changing based upon your personality and life experiences. Therefore it’s very important to reflect at the end of the day on where you are standing in various aspects of your life. Working on your strengths & weakness and making necessary adjustments as you move forward in life.
  4. Practice & consistency :This reflecting should happen with strong practice regime on a daily basis with great level of consistency, as it’s human tendency to get easily distracted with material and worldly pleasures around.
  5. Habits that form morning & night routine :In order to follow the above four points and create strong foundation it’s very important to have morning and night routines. It depends on your choice, character requirement how to prioritize your morning & night tasks.
  6. Being Responsible :I think it’s very important trait one must have to follow any kind of discipline and can be trusted to act without needing strict supervision. So ask yourself are you Really responsible enough? If you have already equipped with all these initiatives, you are ready to follow tips for ur self improvement journey.
  7. Anger management & release ego:Before starting to work on self-growth I believe it’s very crucial to have control over anger and ego problems as they block the path of self-growth.
  8. Practice forgiveness & gratitude :These practices will help you neutralize your anger & Egos. Make it a part of ur daily practice. It’s okie if you fail numerous times, but keep practicing it. It takes a lot of courage to come to this level.
  9. Step outside your comfort zone:Remember there is no question of self growth if you always come back in your comfort zone and mental blocks. So explore, add richness and quality to your life through varient experiences and adventures. And watch at the miraculous evolution you go through.
  10. Productivity :Self growth and productivity goes hand in hand which helps you align towards self improvement, so keep urself updated with current affairs, read self-help and productive books, keep urself organized, make things to do list, learn something new.
  11. Discover your Talent & Passions:This will keep you going even if you are bored in the middle of ur professional & personal rut,making the process of self progression spontaneous like a flowing river.
  12. Moral values & Principles :Practise moral values and principles which hold importance to you as citizen. Be socially responsible towards others and your surrounding.
  13. Protect Nature:Having realised that we all are part of each other and dependent on each other for survival, respect nature and ur surrounding and preserve it through any danger applying eco-friendly ways, be the change to let others follow.
  14. Help the needy:The reason have put it second last but not the least is because, as human beings we are so selfish and self centered that we forget to help underprivileged and improve their class of living. While you are going through the process of self growth, once you realize that you have done enough for urself & content, don’t forget to help the needy and see how your soul feels.

Watch motivational videos:Last but not the least one of my favorite tips, keep watching motivational videos or inspiring real life stories like Ted talks mad others to keep the spark and motivation alive inspite of any major distractions on your way. It really works and keep you grounded in the journey of self-growth.

    Happy Practising

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