Say ‘YES’ to Workshops

After marriage when I left my job, emptiness was killing me. I had a lot of time on my side. But dint knew how would I rediscover my talents or hobbies, I had. After digging into my mind to find, how I can utilize my time apart from book reading,One day I happened to visit my neighbours house, and I was absolutely magnetized by her simple attempts to make beautiful painting on a wall. It immediately recollected all my childhood memories of me being fairly good at drawing and stuff. Which had to come inherently in me one day, as my mother used to be an artist before marriage. She never pursued or got enough time to live her passion due to unavoidable circumstances later in her life.

That’s when I started experimenting with colours in my life. I really enjoyed doing it. But had to take a break after becoming a mother. I had decided back of my mind though, when the right time comes, I will keep experimenting with my arts and craft skills.

And now when the time had finally arrived, when my daughter turned 3, I was looking forward for some arts & crafts diploma and courses to do, but was still finding difficult to cope with daily routine, as you know how unpredictable toddlers and preschoolers can be, when they are only dependent on you for everything. And no amount of caretaker can replace mothers place. I was always against the concept of keeping a caretaker. So I thought of waiting for some more time before I enroll into any courses.

But at times, in a desperation of finding a way out, I came across some events & workshops on Google. I thought it would be a great idea to keep hang over my hobbies without devoting much time on regular basis. And also manage to be guilt free mother. I was hesitant to enroll, as I have never attended a workshop before, but had decided to give it a shot. And trust me it was mind blowing and meditative experience. With all like minded colleagues to meet and share their experiences of what got them there.

Listening to my plans my mother was also excited to join me. She didn’t see any other opportunity to quench her thirst for art then this, after 34 years of marriage. More than me it was miraculous journey for her, she was absolutely overwhelmed with this experience. Living her dreams in each moment, throughout the workshop sessions. You can imagine how much worth was it for her. The similar butterflies she had in her stomach after 34 years. Now you know why I am saying say ‘yes’ to Workshops.

For all ladies out there who have no time for their passions, just find a way out, like I did for my mom unknowingly and myself without compromising on parental responsibilities, u never know it will reignite ur muscle memory, help you keep hang over your long forgotten passion, and naturally making it healing and destressing experience, till the time you are free to pursue your passions in future.

Don’t forget this is a great example of self-growth process it self. If you, checked my previous blog, on self growth initiatives this example will remind you of points 10 & 11 about productivity and discovering your talents.




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