WHO will benefit the most, from Creative Workshops…

I know everyone have different set of requirements and priorities as per your routine and lifestyles or qualifications. Not everyone will be apt for workshop sessions and seminars. But a few category of people can certainly fit best for creative workshops. One of those is me off course, who rediscovered, it to be best convenient option for aspiring mothers like me, who plan to rebuild their career or passion with calculative steps,1 workshop at a time. Apart from mothers like me, with time constraint, I also recommend workshops to the below set of people or age groups, adding productivity to your leisure time.

1 Housewives :

I strongly recommend all the housewives who are already good at their artistic or other talents, but need some professionalism, channelizing and technical skills, to start up on their own, and be self independent. As I have come across many women who are very good at certain skills, but do not know how to go about it, with regards to start their own business.


Yes, childrens because their minds are at the peak with their creative abilities and imaginations. As a parent we should mindfully recognize, interests of our childrens, and guide them accordingly to attend any particular workshop, suitable for them, on weekends or during vacations. It will gradually develop their future interest for their particular skill.

3.People with financial problems or any other personal reasons :

People with financial or any other personal issues, who can’t afford courses, can enroll into workshops for the time being, until they are settled, to maintain continuity of their interest. You know something is better than nothing, right!.

4.Senior citizens :

Usually senior citizens around the age of 60 start having problems like forgetfulness and various other ailments like Alzheimer and Dementia which are age related ailments, also genetic. For whom it becomes necessary to keep their brains active and creative so they can cope up with such ailments gracefully. So I strongly recommend to all those senior citizens who have nothing productive to do in general, should be a part of such workshops.


Considering the higher level of work stress related issues rising day by day in this fast paced world like chronic fatigue, depression, migraines or any other lifestyle diseases, it becomes absolutely essential to balance your mind to take enough stress and maintain your creativity at work. In the middle of all this turmoil if you really think of enrolling in any of your favorite workshops on weekends it is going to improve your work flow eventually. So don’t hesitate go ahead and de-stress yourself.


For all those people who are bedridden, due to some chronic physical or mental illness, who find it gloomy to be inside home throughout the day, I recommend these people to enroll in creative workshops to add the needed spark and creativity in your life. If you look back in my previous blog about, ‘Benefits of workshops’ you will thoroughly enjoy all the benefits, syncing back to the outside world, in a day.

7. Tourists /Business Travellers:

A lot of people quiet often, stays longer than their regular plans due to certain reasons, who look forward to be a part of some Happening events or workshops, should enroll in it and spend your time wisely and fruitful ly.

8.Underprivileged people:

The last set of people on my category list are the underprivileged or illiterate population of our country, who are in great need of certain education or creative accessibility occasionally, to keep them motivated and updated with new technologies,skills and new career options. There must be a lot of NGO’s who must be actually conducting workshops in some rural areas or orphanages free of cost, I am not sure. But I personally believe, it’s really a holistic approach, to be able to serve your purpose as well as the unfortunate ones at the same time, improving the quality of their life.

Hence I really urge the NGO’s and workshop organizations to continue inspiring, underprivileged childrens and other age groups, by conducting free workshops occasionally as part of social contribution, by Bridging the gap between their circumstances and passions and fostering the growth of literacy and future Entrepreneurs.


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