Unforseen Rain drops are like magical mood poppers

That evening, I woke up with tempting aroma of wet mud, in April last month. I do like rainy seasons partially, but the ones which are unexpected and much needed desperately, due to the scorching heat outside, like the ‘Deserts miss the Rains’ are the magical ones.

Believe me pune has miraculous vibe with rains, which results in happy memories in cool breeze of air. And this time of year or day I never miss opportunity to go out or make some interesting plans. It reminds you that you need a break from your daily errands as it’s time to cleanse your soul in the natures Water.

Have you ever thought, the visual effects of the arrival of rains on sunny hot day and aroma of wet mud does to our minds and souls. Doesn’t it pops out all the beautiful fantasies, appropriate taste buds, elevates enthusiasm to next level, and brings all of us together for cup of coffee /tea with some pep talk.

And so did I dragged my favorite neighbour along for a cup of coffee that day. Though I was hesitant to go by car as MG road is quite narrow crowded shopping street, very lively but usually stuffed with traffic on weekends. But my friend insisted on it.

Zoom we went, blaring high pitched music, enjoying the sync of musical climate, little did we realize that there was absolutely no place for parking anywhere, realizing this my friend was little agitated looking for space around to park, while we rammed into a strong Buffalo passing on the side, and got our side mirror broke. Thank God! the poor animal was safe and sound, but we were wondering how our evening is going to turn out.We were literally circling again and again passing our destination twice looking for a space to park. After all it was not just us, whose happy moods were popping, hypnotized by the climate, there were lot of people around us, who had the same happy devils inside, who got them out.

But I must say regardless of however the evening was going to turn out, our Positivity was strongly intact and hopeful, because of love in air was romancing with the climate and in out Breathes. And finally we took sigh of relief after discovering a parking space.

And guess what? We actually had great time in ‘Barista ‘ laughing out loud on our silly evening, the way it started hopelessly, but ended with warm hazelnut Cappacino with hot Brownie satisfying our taste buds, while inhaling the Positivity in air and exhaling negativity accumulated for such a long time. Such is the effect of unforseen rains in Pune..

Rain rain show again just like you did on this day.

Melt our frustrations, anger, egos and negativity on the way, with your wet muddy essense & love in air.

Look back on point no 7, in my ‘Self – growth’ blog and find your way to release the ego, anger & negativity.

Like I found on this rainy day..

6 thoughts on “Unforseen Rain drops are like magical mood poppers

    1. Thx a lot Ilona for finding time to go through my blog. You just made my day. I know it is indeed fun to read books on rainy Daz with sip of hot drinks on your side. And also to interact with like-minded people like. Thx.

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