Our State of mind is a Reflection of our Surrounding

Throughout my life, whenever I have visited any aesthetically designed spaces, home, hotel or property with compelling and quirky wall decor, contemporary paintings and minimalistic sculptures all placed with perfect combination and lot of thought and sincerity, with out making the place look cluttered or over decorated, something inside my mind gets enchanted to stay back for some more while appreciating the beauty of that place. That positive vibrant vibe of peace and serenity dwelling in that place, just pulls u back there.

Why do you think my mind was so relaxed and at ease with all this beautiful visions of Interiors? Because somewhere down the line it’s craving for that clear, crisp, less cluttered minimalistic surrounding or space around us, which allows our minds to breathe and be at peace.

Similarly when we look at our external surroundings specially gardens and places filled with lush green trees, how effectively greenary around us makes emmense effect on our mood and thoughts. Understand the logic behind it, the same applies to our day to day life and surrounding. They are in need to be well kept, organized,clean making them mentally pleasing to our eyes. Which ultimately passes that positivity to your mind.

Unfortunately we are so freaking busy in our lives, giving priorities to all so called important ‘errands’ keeping housekeeping and organizing, cleaning at the bay and last in our list, that we forget the reflection of our surrounding negativity and cluttered energy which is actually making us further incapable to finishing tasks efficiently on time.

In that case, I had always been a bit lucky, as I loved to organize my space whenever I got time and also make things to do list. And trust me, I have experienced it so many times during my working days as well as post marriage as homemaker and mother. The day I organized or cleared up my space, I used to flood with ideas and lot of creativity. It used to be such a satisfying feeling. Also adding that tick with red pen on my to do list gave me such a relief. But my only problem was consistency with maintaining that clean space. Later after long time, I used to hesitate to do the deep cleaning all over again. I am sure most of you will relate to this feeling. But I have already started working on this shortcoming of mine, will soon share you on my progress and experience, if I manage to succeed.

But what I have to say is, you do not need to be cleanliness freak or obsessive and sensitive cleaner like the OCD person’s. But you can manage time for cleaning your surrounding or basically Decluttering ur space twice in a week right?

And I recommend you specially do it, when you are prominently aware of ur confused and trapped state of mind and see how solutions come your way through great mind clarity. Give it a try, if you are really willing to upgrade ur LIFESTYLE ,and consider ‘SELF-GROWTH’ as the need of your soul and not any random unnecessary errand lying in your ‘to do’ list.

Happy new Beginning’

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