Purge it like a ‘pro’

Well, if my last blog was not effectual enough to motivate you,I would like to bring to you, some inputs from experts on Decluttering.

After a lot of research on Decluttering I came across this book ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ by Marie Kondo recommended by lot of readers as well as bloggers.

Marie Kondo, is a Decluttering expert. She advocates the philosophy that each possession has a place and you should know exactly where to find everything. This is only possible if you reduce the amount of your material items.

Apart from her best-selling book, ‘Tidying up’ with Marie Kondo is a television series developed for Netflix and released on January 1st 2019.The show follows Marie Kondo a Japanese organizing consultant and creator of her Konmari method, as she visits families to help them organize and tidy their homes.

I have already started reading her book and simultaneously clearing the clutter of my house bit by bit daily. Will get back to you all with the book review as well as my personal experience.

‘The secret’ a book on ‘law of attraction’ which has widely become famous over the last few years. As people have experienced the benefits of laws of nature and universal principles explained in it.

I too felt there is some magic behind this ‘law of attraction’ what you think throughout grows and expands. To my surprise while writing this blog and researching on Decluttering this week, I came across this Sunday newspaper supplement of ‘Times of India’ called ‘LIFE’,when I was clearing the piles of newspapers stacked in my home. This Sunday supplement of times of India has always been one of my favorite since adolescence. The look and colourful smooth texture of this supplement with all interesting lifestyle topics were enough to tempt me. Where I coincidentally came across this article on first page itself on Decluttering, which happened to mention on the ‘Tidying up’ show of Marie Kondo and the influence it made on one of the media consultant. It further made me sure of my right decision to read her book on Decluttering.

I would like to share few insights from this inspiring and fruitful article of Sunday edition. Hope it motivates you to make the process of purging, more sensible.

1: In the last week of March, media consultant Survi Sinha came across as calmer person than she usually is at most times.No one was more surprised than her. She felt lighter, happier, and had more energy than usual. What changed?

After being inspired by Marie Kondo’s TV show Tidying up, she decided it was time to let all the negative energy out of her life. Though psychologists all over the world are talking about immense benefits of purging as an exercise, sinha understood the weight of those words only after she finally got on to throw junk out of her home and freeing her mind in the process.” I never though that the simple task of attending to small pending tasks I had avoided forever could make me feel so much lighter and peaceful,” she says.

2: Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh believes our body and mind are both revolting against extreme pressures that we’ve brought on ourselves.” we are trying to juggle a demanding professional life, commitments of a personal life, and trying to fit in time for recreation, spirituality, health and fitness. Every day, new errands get added to this list. In such a scenario, a random start to the day fly away in a jiffy without having achieved anything substantial. If this becomes a pattern, it leads people to feel unproductive and frustrated with their lives. “

Chugh believes the only way to stay efficient is by staying organised, which requires that we don’t carry either physical or mental clutter from one day to the other. The daily need to purge is the only way to survive.

” So PURGE it, without any GUILT

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