The Life- changing magic of tidying up (Marie Kondo) Book review.

Hello peeps, this is my first ever book review on self-help book. ‘The Life Changing Magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. Please bear with me as I am no expert in this niche. But I promise I will give my genuine review and try my best to make it more precise and clear

I have never come across any body who has devoted almost 80% of their life in research and experimenting on Decluttering. As unconsciously or even consciously we have never given so much attention to this small but mind blowing aspect of life.

It’s almost unbelievable to know, that person exists. And that is the author of this miraculous book ‘Marie kondo’. The thought of devoting more than half of her life in researching Universal techniques to solve this ignored problems to simplify our lives itself demands respect.

About Author:

Marie Kondo started reading housewives magazines from the age of 5 and loved the order and beauty of well organized spaces she saw in them. From the age of 15 she started studying tidying seriously. Today she runs a highly successful business in Tokyo helping clients transform their cluttered homes. Surprised? Yes she actually runs successful business through tidying and Decluttering her client home in to beautiful spaces.

Her KONMARI method is a guide to acquiring the right mindset for creating order and becoming a tidy person. She believes in bringing the change eventually within our mindset rather than just following the KONMARI method mindlessly. The book cover itself expresses her idea of minimalism.

Things I liked in the book :

1. I really appreciate her systematic approach, with real life examples and her experiments with Decluttering, which eventually developed her confidence of tidying knowledge.

2.The fact that she started researching and experimenting at such a tender age, though it sounds a bit obsessive, she pretty much managed to come with some respectfully brilliant methods.

3.Also in the process she is trying to instill the quality of loving and respecting all the things which sparks joy to us. And thanking the item to be discarded.

4.I completely agree with her point of tidying must start with discarding.

5.Also categorizing rather than cleaning by location at a time, as it’s so common to see stuff in our day to day life lying in different spaces, as we don’t bother to keep it back, Which belongs to same category.

6.Her approach towards day to day simple unnoticeable mistakes we make with regards to organising is spectacular, considering she studied all this micro cluttering mistakes at such a young age.

7.The super inspiring thing I found in this book is growing up with this odd fascination for tidying, believing in herself, through all the criticism and odds and literally making business out of her surreal passion is immeasurable.

Things I disagree in the book:

1.I find it hard to digest the fact that once cleaned, never messy again. May be I am wrong but I think we really need to practice great amount of discipline for that. Just through certain Decluttering methods, how can we ensure home to be never messy again.

2.Few of the methods are time consuming as it literally needs deep thinking. How can super busy people manage it all.

3.As we keep reading her methods and organizing tips as per the category, the book gets a bit boring and repetitive with lot of dragging in particular sub categories.

4.I still find it difficult to believe that there can be universal method of tidying, considering diversity between people, their lifestyles, their opinions and different outlooks of life with their habitual working patterns. Though it will individually really make you conscious of certain common mistakes, you unknowingly make in your daily routine.

What inspired me to read this book:

I came across her book while researching on Decluttering our Surrounding, also recommended by many bloggers and readers. Additionally an article in newspaper mentioned about her, further motivated me to read this book.

Whom I recommend this book:

1. I recommend this book to the people who are fed up with their messiness and un organised homes. And looking forward for some motivation. And methods to solve their problems.

2.Also who get very confused about where to start the Cleaning from.

3.And highly recommend to the hoarders who stack useless things, which are supposed to be trashed.

Even if you do not find all her methods appealing enough or out of ur understanding, she is mentioned lot of beneficial ways systematically, which makes sense and can actually inspire you to re-order your home again. There is no harm in trying right.

2 thoughts on “The Life- changing magic of tidying up (Marie Kondo) Book review.

  1. Thank you for writing this review. I can certainly recommend this book to a few people in my circle. It is important to decluttered lives. A decluttered life indicates clarity of thought.

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