My experience and take on Decluttering inspired by Marie Kondo book

As mentioned in my previous blog I had this habit to deep clean or tidy only after the place is turned super messy and overly stuffed. I used to repeat the same thing all over again next time, when it was high time again.

What do you thing was missing? though I used to get that satisfaction once in a while of cleaning up my space. Who will be working to maintain consistency to keep that space spic & span forever?non other than me right! So it’s very important to keep things back where they belong. Most of the time things stack up when we don’t keep it back in place, thinking we will do it tomorrow.

Things I learned inspired by Marie Kondo’s method:

1. First thing I realised after reading her book is that before starting with anything, discarding things which you have not been using for quiet a long time, makes much of sense, in further making the process of cleansing and segregation much easier.

2. Second thing which really hold importance to me now onwards as mentioned above, is keeping things back to where they belong. Trust me no one else can do this for us, we are solely responsible to imbibe this discipline.

3.After following this two points it naturally developed motivation in me, to clear all other spaces in my home and discard unnecessary things, which I did. In this process I also started feeling so lighter in my mind as of I am getting rid of some heavy weight of possessions from my mind little by little.

My take on Decluttering suitable for my routine and habits:

1.Well it’s really easy to say & write ‘discarding’ but when your turn comes you are baffled. The same thing happened to me, while discarding things which I kept aside to recycle, as I love making craft out of recycled items. And I can literally get obsessed sometimes to the level of hoarder. As I believe in the concept of optimum utilization of resources or either offer it to needy. The solution to this problem I found is either strictly keep things for recycling, which I am very sure of. And the rest give it to someone needy or underprivileged so I neither feel the guilt of loosing it.

2.Though Marie Kondo ‘s universal method is based on re-ordering home once and it will be never messy again. I personally feel its a time consuming process and disturbs your daily routine of work eventually,losing interest in cleaning. But when I started making tidying and cleaning my space or any other corner of my house that is undone just for an hour or half daily though I dint feel the reward of satisfaction for my efforts on that particular day itself. But eventually started giving long term satisfaction as it had become a discipline and routine. It also maintained my interest in cleaning as I just had to do it half n hour to 1 hour a day depending on my schedule without hampering my other routine. This practice I really found suitable for my stubborn patterns and work routine.

While writing my experience, when I recalled my old Decluttering memories I always unconsciously started with discarding things, which further boasted my Positivity that I had always been on right track with regards to Marie Kondo’s first Point.I just needed to work on my daily tidying i.e keep things back to place and re ordering simultaneously until all corners of my home are filled with open air and positive energy. Which I have already started making it a part of my daily routine.

What is your take on Decluttering? Share it what works for you..

Human beings are visual animals, keep ur surrounding clean to reflect cleanliness in your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “My experience and take on Decluttering inspired by Marie Kondo book

  1. My father used to tell me to put things back from where it was picked. That way we may find things when needed, and won’t need to buy extra. Organisation is not everyone’s cup of tea. I see my daughter’s and I get the impression most young people are like them, disorganized. But I was not. I never felt happy till I felt I had organized my place. I think there are two sets of people. Some organized and others disorganized. Battle razes on between the two.

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