Mind and body Reciprocate each other the way we treat them

What do you think panic attack is? It’s the strong reaction of ur fearful thoughts, feelings and emotions on your body. Do you realize what it does to your body! Similarly watch your thoughts when you have junk food consecutively for 2 to 3 days and watch your thoughts having healthy food for 2 to 3 days and see how you feel. That is why it’s very crucial to treat our mind and body the way they are designed to be treated. Without getting influenced by our own complicated inventions, which have already added to the stress.

I hope my last couple of blogs on ‘Decluttering ur mind and surrounding’ inspired you enough to carry this journey on your own. Now it’s time to put some light on how to Declutter your self(basically clearing all negativity internally through ensuring healthy practices) by which I mean your physical body and mind i.e we have seen the external effects of surrounding on our mind, it’s time to know the internal effects on our mind and body like our diet, lifestyle, feelings, emotions, thoughts how all these factors together play paramount role in the clarity and health of our mind & body.

Your Brain is the most powerful organ in your body. Getting the nutritional balance correct can have enormous effects on your over all well-being and performance.

Tips for healthy body to Reciprocate positively on mind:

*As we age lot of changes take place in our body. And to maintain our flexibility and energy like before, we need to feed our body with healthy food. By healthy food I mean anything that is made at home with love, with combination of salads and fruits in diet regularly,to maintain Alkaline ratio of the body.

*As we age, our metabolism slows down, so it’s very important to eat in proportion. And increase our physical activity.

*Who isn’t fond of delicious and mouth watering food and Deserts from wide variety of food chains gearing up these days. Go for a dining out , but once a week or twice at the most. This will help you, keep your calories on count and proportion.

*Exercise Atleast 3 days a week. Whatever you find convenient. Dont forget to do the following things while you exercise :

# don’t ever forget to warm up before exercise and post exercise stretch

# Have any form of protein post your exercise it’s very important.

# Invest in a good pair of walking or running shoe.

*We all know that 70% of our body is made of water. So drinking enough water as per your weight and exercise routine is equally important.

*Most of the dieticians and nutritionists keep stressing on the importance of these 3 factors i.e Diet, Exercise, & Sleep, work like a team. And imbalance in this will not give you positive result. So make sure you sleep atleast 8 to 9 hours a day. Even if it is less then 9 hours make sure it’s a quality sleep.

So these are the tips which will definitely have positive influence on your body, which will eventually Reciprocate on mind positively.

Tips for healthy mind to Reciprocate positively on body:

As u you know, today’s fast paced competitive world have given rise to stress related disorders like depression, panic attacks etc and this vicious circle once developed gets really tough on you to get rid of it. So it’s very essential to take care of our mind health along with body. As you don’t want to know the dreadful negative effects of mind on our body functions.

*Find time for meditation or being silent, in any quiet surrounding whenever you get an opportunity.

*No matter how busy you are, find your ‘me time’. Reflecting on your daily affairs.

*Yoga is not just for body fitness but its holistic approach, try getting it into your routine.

*Keep your anger at the bay, not good for mind. It will eventually lead only to frustration.

*Connect with nature on your weekend getaways to heal your stressed mind.

*Always be among the positive set of people.

*Keep motivating yourself by reading self-help books and videos.

* Don’t forget the power of this generous word ‘Gratitude’. Practice it daily. Trust me it keeps you always away from jeolousy, unfairness or and getting greedy.

“Let the transperancy of positive energy from inside out (Decluttered self) and outside in (Decluttered surrounding) be so strong that it creates a powerful Aura of healthy well being not just around you, but also around people who interact with you”

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