My Self – growth blog Extention layout (15 Self-growth Initiatives and tips for beginners)

If you have followed all my blogs right from blog ’15 self – growth initiatives & tips for beginners’,I am in the process of elaborating all 15 points on initiatives and tips for self – growth, in a random order perpetually. To bring out the best insight through the flow of my real experiences in my day to day life or inspired by surrounding to give justice and add weight to these fifteen points to help my audience to the best of my capability to inspire you all, with real life examples, experiences, incidents and articles. The above mind map will give rough elaboration of few self growth points which I have already finished elaborating and others are yet to be finished among the 15 points.

After all my blog is all about ‘going with the flow’ taking whatever experiences comes your way. So you might be bit confused or distracted with the order of my blogs, till I finish elaborating all 15 points on self growth .

May be I might surprise you with other lifestyle topics in between, so please bear with me. I will try my best to get my blog extension on track and not confuse you further, with my sequence as I believe it’s very important to write about something of ur interest while you are actually experiencing that moment to bring out the best in you. Faded memories will not serve the purpose. Now you know why my blog is named as ‘Creativemess’. I am really one of them I believe.

I plunged in the river of wisdom of words and came out with treasure word ‘Self-growth’.

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