A Five star Experience under simple roof

Do you find your self rating a restaurant simply on its luxurious and attractive unique Ambience, over pure service and food quality at times. I guess we all have fallen for enticing ambience so many times in our lives while selecting venue for dining. I too have.

But I must say do not go for the Ambience always.Offcourse there can be no compromise on hygiene but go for pure service and food quality when it comes to food.

Recently I had been at my in laws place. There is this newly opened restaurant in Belguam, near my in laws place in Ganeshpur which looks like any other ordinary restaurant. I had been recommended by my mother in law and her neighbours to try it out as they know I am foodie. When I went there to eat I was bit hesitant looking at the ambience. Not that it was unhygienic but was too simple to believe.

In a while the owner /Co owner appeared to take my order. To my surprise he was so friendly and purely intended to give best what we were curiously looking for, providing various options suitable for me and my little one.

I dint really had to wait more than five minutes to have my steaming hot chicken starter and soup in front of me. Even my little one enjoyed it as it was mildly spiced on request.

Throughout the service he kept monitoring if we needed anything. What can be the best part for a customer after having a delicious fresh food with reasonable bill fairly priced. This I called the best dining experience under simple roof.

Now a days people are so obsessed with uploading fancy, quirky outing pics with bizarre cuisines, hiding the real face of that place,that we forget to value such small places, who purely follow the saying ‘Athiti deva bhava’,which means ‘Guest is a God’.

Next time you find yourself in any such ordinary restaurant, but flawless on the service and food,dont forget to upload the pics.

2 thoughts on “A Five star Experience under simple roof

  1. As operations become bigger, more and more processes are introduced. That is five star hotel. That does not mean other places cannot offer a tasty meal. My best meal I had by the side of a trail a village woman served hot thick roti and fried saag. After nearly five days on canned food, the taste and service both appeared divine. Sometime we like an ambience based on state of our mind.


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