My little Panda turn’s 4

All this while ,I was bit busy with my personal commitments as I had a lot of guest coming up and had to plan outstation trip to my inlaws place before my little panda’s school started in mid June ,which is also her birthday month .And you know how busy it can be when you have to celebrate ur pre-schoolers birthday in school as well as at home, considering they have already started demanding things as per their wishes .And as a parent you do not want to disappoint them.

And hence I thought,might as well right about how I planned and celebrated my adorable little panda’s BHD day party ,as I couldn’t manage time to write and research on my Self-growth points.Well I will catch you up with that later,for now let’s peep into my in-house BHD party,for my little panda who turn’s 4.

Though I love organising parties,it has been almost a year since my daughter’s last BHD party ,that I had lost touch of lot of things regarding planning.luckily my muscle memory came in sync to rescue me,as the party day got closer. It was bit stressful week but I enjoyed the shopping part and making craft & planning Decoratives for my little one.

Well I am not an expert in this.but planning and organizing plays important role if you want the hosting party i.e you to enjoy the process rather than be stressed.And your well-being is very important for that matter.

Below are few tips from a genuine mother’s point of view ,how to be an enthusiastic host & planner for ur loved ones.

1.Start tidying your house in advance:

First and foremost I would recommend to start tidying your house at least 2 weeks before the party. Remember when ur surrounding is spic and span ,things get easier to plan .May be there is some corner of your house,you haven’t done for a long time. Or making sure keeping all the things back to where they were,or any decor pending work you left it undone for a long time,or shifting of may furniture etc.once you done with all of it you can concentrate on the theme & decoration part.

2.Make to do list:

Before planning for a theme I would insist on making at least rough to do list .Even if you are not good at prioritizing,just write anything that comes to your mind regarding the party in a random order,and start prioritizing later.This will help you get the picture of the whole set of activities you will be devoting time on ,and which task needs more time in advance.

3.Theme and Decoration planning:

Theme is the that glamorous visual excitement,which sets the tone & atmosphere for the party .If you have already organized for party planners you can skip this point.but if you are organizing theme & decoration all on your own ,or any DIY project it’s better to start 1 week before the party day.My little one had already specified me that she wanted a panda cake for her birthday,as little panda cartoon is her favorite.This already made things clear to me to decide on her theme decorations.

4.Guest list,menu ,caterers and Cake order:

Once you have picturized your theme,and started working on it , simultaneously make list of the guest you will be inviting,menu for occasion, catering services if any.In my case we opted to cook food at home ,as our guest list was not beyond 20 members.And additionally my mother in law,is a great cook ,she prefered doing it herself,with assistance from couple of maids.Depending on the number of guests ,also make sure you place order for cake in advance.


It is always better to make separate shopping list again ,so that you don’t miss out on anything to buy & manage time efficiently like shopping for decoration s,DIY s, birthday dress,dry stock & Misc stuff.

6.Invitations & time:

Giving invitations to your guest 2 to 3 days in advance,will help them to decide and keep themselves free for your will also give you accurate count of the guest coming for your party.With that , specifying time is also very important aspect.specially cake cutting time ,so accordingly you can manage rounds of service,swiftly and efficiently in one go , without any distraction.

7.Plan something to keep kids engaged

Do not underestimate this point if you want to perform your best,as enthusiastic host ,with no distractions from kids.make sure you make some plan in advance to keep kids busy with some activities,as they can easily get bored and start distracting others around.due to lack of time ,I opted to call magician home to play few tricks &entertain kids rather than organizing games.

BHD day :

Making list for scheduled set of activities to be conducted on the BHD day will help you manage time,also last minute glitches if any as no matter how much planning you do ,this day is going to be bit busy with multiple tasks,like decorations,space management ,last minute purchases,dressing up etc Do not forget to keep your phone fully charged this day you will need it the most.

9.Delicious food:

No matter how excellent party you throw,but if the food sucks on quality and taste, it is going to flope all your hard worked plans .As food & entertainment is what people look forward for in plan your menu carefully.

10.You are the backbone of the party:

To be your best version,inspite of all the stressful planning week,It is very important to take good care of yourself physically and mentally,after all you are the backbone of the party.Everyone is dependent on your planning & executing.So you realize how important you are? On the day of birthday make sure you take 15 min nap or indulge in some relaxing session to get ready for a grand event .Do not forget to keep hydrating yourself.And beautiful smile throughout your face will just follow…

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