‘Yamma Swami’- Camp,Pune (Review)

There are so many renowned South Indian cuisine Restaurants in pune ,with the standard menu and taste but that genuine and Authentic purity ,close to the homely soft made Idli’s,dosa’s & also Appam which is rarely a part of the Menu in Maharashtra and one of my favorite dish which I found it in this vibrant looking 2 month old Restaurant ‘Yamma Swami’.Their menu is meticulously planned,which consist best from each city of South.

It’s a newly opened,purely South Indian restaurant,located opposite SGS mall, Modelina road in Camp.I was just amused with their fancy & colorful ambience with bright yellow chairs,quirky ‘Anna’ posters with South Indian theme,also a contemporary wall painting of South Indian culture,against the staircase wall. It gives a feeling of South Indian culture reinvented in a more colourful twist.

I also liked their choice of the staff ,as they looked very well groomed and hygienic,with great interactive skills and Courteousness at the same time.The location is a bit unnoticeable but it is just besides ‘Coffee House’ one of the oldest restaurants in Camp. You will find SGS mall crowd ,who are willing to have South Indian meal,heading to this place. Also people who wish to have South Indian tasty feast post your Dorabjee shopping as it’s in the same lane.we did the same on our shopping day.

Though I had been there before twice ,I wanted my family to taste the food of this quirky looking young restaurant.As it was my 3th visit to this place I wanted to order my most awaited ‘Appam’ since it was lunch time .I went for mushroom pepper fry to pair with it.Well my family members opted for masala ghee idli and dosa.

We ended our taste buds with freshly made frothy filter coffee,which is so much like a Stressbuster and also brings you back to the alertness,after heavy meal.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Ambience,Staff service and off course the food .If you are a vegetarian and South Indian food lover,you must visit this place as it is one of it’s only kind new South Indian restaurant located in the heart of city ,in bustling Camp area.

‘ Because everything starts with a cup of steaming coffee’…

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