Importance and tips to Expand your Self – Awareness

In Spiritual terms ,Self -awareness is a door to access our inner self. Which helps us create sync with our own mind eventually with practice.when self-awareness is synced with your mind you feel more confident,calm ,that feeling of wholeness surrounds us. Each thought comes with pure awareness.

Self -Awareness is like a double shield for our mind to refrain from wandering and making impulsive unconscious decisions,which we make in our day to day life.

Don’t you want to upgrade yourself to the more refined self and improve your quality of life in terms of all aspects.Think about it. Self -awareness is the need of every moment. Our biological clock is ticking mindlessly.lets make the most of it by being self -aware and avoid death bed regrets ,which is worse then death. And live our life to the fullest of our consciousness.

Tips to improve your self Awareness in day to day life:

* To start systematically,I would first recommend to take whole 360 view from bird’s eye in to your life in all aspects, personal and professional,your patterns as a child ,your environment etc. Do self study and analysis yourself from the time you are able to recollect memories as a child .

*Once you have come to a conclusion,start jotting down your likes , dislikes, strengths, weakness,ur traits since your childhood days which you still follow unconsciously.Write all small details which can be helpful later.

* It is always good to maintain a daily journal of your future goals ,on going strengths and weakness which you develop over period of time. Besides journaling ,you can also quickly self -analysis your self daily as we keep growing, through our experiences .This will also help you keep track of the level of awareness you are achieving slowly through ur self study.its okie if you don’t feel like journaling daily at least target twice a week.But consistence is crucial.

*Meditation is off course ,the very best solution to get more close to yourself and understand your self better. But we are so busying in our lives that,we keep postponding and preserving it for some special can meditate anywhere for how much ever minutes you can, there is no hard or fast rule.That follows to me also as I have failed so many times in following this universal tip ,waiting for some mystical experience in the right atmosphere.If we follow this tip consistently ,we DNT even need to take much efforts to follow other tips.

* For more clarity and assurance you can also approach your close and trustworthy friends to give genuine feedback on your strengths & weakness.

* Exploring new things and experience is also a appropriate way to enhance your strengths and find new passions.So go ahead and jump out of your comfort zone to realise your real talent which eventually will add clarity to your self Awareness.

* You simply can make conscious efforts to be aware all the time ,training your mind to go hand in hand with your self awareness.

* We all like getting compliments but we never analysis them closely, behind these are our hidden strengths and pay attention to all compliments generally which u keep getting regularly.

* Each and every individual wants their small little space once in a day called ‘me time’This is the best time to understand ourselves as we are at our most relaxed state with your happy self.

Though Self -Awareness is like that tiny dim light inside your mind,do not underestimate the importance of this light as it has the power to focus on all areas of your life at the same time.

“Every moment of life lived with Self – Awareness,will only expedite,your understanding of your passion and purpose in life,before it’s too late”.

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