Tips to Attain Self -Realization

Self -Realization is,in fact ,the only religion.For it is the true purpose of religion,no matter how people define their beliefs”



Whether you are an atheist or theist , everyone has a right to Self -realize their true potential,in their own choosen path. Not necessary you have to self -realize yourself only through Spirituality. You practice whichever way you want,in your space,meditating to reach your inner truth. But make it a goal,to be the best version of urself eventually,as we all are blessed with our own unique bits of talent, passion & individuality,which no other human being is born with .It would be such a futile existence if we were never able to display that version of ourselves,before we leave this world.

I think each and every person on this planet should plan to keep self-realization as their ultimate and long term goal. It is the only way to achieve stability with oneself forever.Though this path is not going to be easy at all as you have to practice consciously till you reach that level of inner peace. Its not impossible either.

Yes it will take time to realize it,or may be unconsciously you are already applying & practicing it but unproductively,without any strategic goals,but you are so glued to it,that you have no track of time. It never bores you inspite of many repetitive practices. Take your time & self analyze it to find your ultimate forte. Many times we overlook at it as normal errand but unconsciously it has already become a pattern of ur behavior, identify it,mould it to a level of ur best version..

Tips to practice or attain self-realization:

. Meditation:

You will never be able to reach the accurate or satisfying level of self awareness,unless you meditate or self – analyze yourself. And self- awareness is one of the important factor to lead you towards the path of Self-realization . To bring you some inspiration, even if you are not so inclined towards these goals in your life,Practicing meditation in the right way ,is any which way a best natural mind relaxing therapy universally,which is only going to make your life brighter and brighter with a dash of clarity.

. Practice yoga :

We all know that this 1000 years old effective practise is not just for physical well-being but also good for mental well-being . In Spiritual terms yoga is the unison of body ,mind & spirit or uniting with a higher power. If you are not aware of the importance of yoga,try to meet people ,who have benefitted from it. Motivate yourself through their spectacular transformation.

Practice self awareness & self – analyze regularly:

Self -Awareness & self analysis are two systematic approaches to lead you to your destination of self realization. Consciously ask yourself,how do you feel after practising certain hobby or any ritual,which you always loved doing,do you feel self content whenever you practice? Or may be you get that deeper sense of satisfaction,that Adrenaline rush,which keeps you enthusiastic and alive like never before.

.Just be yourself :

Lately everyone have understood the importance of being yourself,how it adds to the unique individuality of each Humanbeing,having their own signature style embellished with their own true self. Be yourself no matter what . There will be lot of distractions, criticism, influences,brain washing & environmental pressures. But beyond this, if you believe in your ability let your individuality shine with Grace. Remember like our hand prints,with no trace of exact match,our inner true self is just you,nobody else in this whole wide world.

We all are scattered drops of soul of that higher supreme self ,with unique talent and diverse powers. And there will be peace among ourselves only if we understand that on inner level though we all are blessed with various abilities,our soul is connected to each other and belong to only one source. Let’s be a saviour for each other through our unique individual powers and form a strong mesh of unity,through Self -Realization.

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