Why Meditate?

“By the practice of meditation,you will find that you are carrying within your heart,a portable paradise”.



Meditation has always been on my mind ,since the time I have understood the importance of this mind balancing technique used by great Spiritual leaders and also mentioned in various ancient books and scriptures. But to be frank I never managed to maintain that consistency in practice ,which I promised myself, blaming it on my busy life. And that is why this post is not just for my readers but also for me ,to give a reminder to inculcate it in my lifestyle regularly.

Today internet is flooded with various tips & ways to meditate for beginners. I am sure most of the bloggers must have mentioned about this practice once in their blogs. And it’s already become a part of lifestyle,to a lot of like minded people ,who have experience d the benefits of it.

Today I am not going to tell you ways to Meditate.That you can find on internet ,but few simple but sensible reasons why you should meditate.Today’s lifestyle as well as work pressure in day to day life are so hectic,that one needs to have some means to get back your mind on track & balanced .But again we are so ignorant ,due to lot of reasons and busyness that we start to inculcate it when things get worse.When you are already trapped into the vicious cycle of depression , anxiety & other disorders.

1. Through meditation our minds can be our own counsellor.Dont wait till all mental disorders starts pestering you. Though most of the disorders are triggered due to some genetic pre-disposition in adolescence. But the other rest are just prone to it because of our unhealthy lifestyles, tremendous work pressure, negative thinking patterns also unpredicted responsibilities piling up. If such a situation arises and you think that you are that responsible & people look forward for your support.First and foremost we should support our mind & body. Mind through meditation or just sitting in silence & body through healthy lifestyle.

2. The more you meditate ,the more you become aware of what you like and don’t. like what you are passionate about and aren’t . Regular meditation gives rise to clarity about what is important in life and build a sense of confidence within. This is the only universal effective tool to achieve self Awareness & self realization. It’s the backbone on the journey of Self- growth. All these elements are so interrelated & interdependent on each other that nothing can be achieved without the willingness to meditate,be it for what ever reason ,for good mental health,peace ,self – realization or stress-free life.

3. Right from our childhood,in our schools and surroundings we all are taught about the importance of education,values, principles,ettiquettes,protecting nature & self hygiene,but we are never given training on how to handle our emotions ,when we are going through rough phase in life. Or how do we achieve resilience in our personal lives back. And hence as a responsible citizen it is our responsibility to inculcate this habit in our kids or fellow citizens by doing it ourselves. And help others achieve healthy mental well-being through meditation. As meditation is that secret ,where everyone has to see within and practice to find your individual share for the well-being of yourself and others.

“When we fail to still our minds we mistakenly identify our self with the other activities of our mind,and become lost in our thoughts.we lose the true sense of who we are because we have lost sight of our true essense,our real inner self”.

Mark forstater & Jo Manuel.

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