Self – analysis (point no 3) Self -growth initiatives & tips for Beginners (Blog no 6)

When I try to recollect my faded memories of my self -analysis in my twenties,yes you heard it right,before 20 I don’t remember I must have ever self analysized myself, consciously.What a pity right? But I am sure this has been the case for most of us ,in our lives. Or may be we started self – analyzing ourselves in adolescence ,Academically or professionally,as we were facing competitive environment,and in that need of hour,we must have self analyzed ourselves for improvement in future. But are we really aware of how important is self – analysis in ur lives ?

Let’s put it this way ,to Achieve effective self -awareness & self – realization,we need to meditate. Not that this is the only way. There are lot of lucky people who are already blessed with great awareness, intuition,or they already know their true self very strongly due to lot of different factors in their life.

But what about people ,who are not willing to meditate due to whatever reason or may not know the importance of it, additionally not previleged with any early signs of awareness & passion or true self .How can we help such people to care for their sanity overall,so that they don’t fall in the ditch unconsciously and get trapped in the whole web of Environmently fabricated people,with limited beliefs & principles. And yes ,it is possible,only through practice of self – analysis and training our mind to think before taking any step. May be in this process they will also become self – aware of their fabricated personality.

Practising self -analysis will only grow you into refined yourself,be it professionally or personally.

Let’s say you have already achieved great self -awareness about yourself and you dont feel need to analyze yourself. You are not going to be in the state of awareness all the time, right. Self -Awareness is remaining attentive within the immediate experiences. Therefore it’s very important to reflect at the end of the day on where you are standing in various aspects of your life. Working on your strengths & weakness & making necessary adjustments as you have to do the self – study for what ever you have understood through your self- awareness right. And to expedite that process we need to self analyze yourself daily or at least few times a week. This will only make your journey towards self growth more firmer & unbreakable ,assuring more disciplined path for your Self – growth.

” Knowing others is intelligence.knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

lao Tzu

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