How to self analyze yourself in the most effective way

Professionally almost all the employs get opportunity for self – assessment,to improve yourself ,As it’s mandatory procedure. It is also called as SWOT analysis. But what about personal life assessment? Do you want to stay the same person throughout your life,with your sticky patterns ,which are formed by your surrounding & upbringing. In personal life ,you will have no one to give you feedbacks & suggestions,all the time as they have accepted you the way you are with your flaws as they all love you & adore you because of the bonding you have created with them unless any extreme issue is raised up . So who is going to assess you in your personal life .None other than you right.

Self – analysis is that lubricater ,which ensures smooth functioning of self – awareness & self – realization,for our personal growth. Without this mechanism the engine of self – growth will not work efficiently. I know we all are extremely busy with our countless errands,that we hardly get time for ourselves. But once in a while you can count this practice,in your “me time” right? It is for our own betterment. Well there are many ways to self – analyze yourself. But the format I found more layed out systematically,covering all aspects of personal as well as professional life is dividing this process in 3 parts :

1. All about me

2. My relationship with others.

3. How others perceive me.


Under this part of Self – analysis you are going to write down all your personality traits, behavior,your nature over all ,likes and dislikes everything. Based on the personality that you are carrying,it will also help you reflect your ;

. Strengths

. Weakness

. Goals & aspirations

# So below your personality mention all your Strengths, weakness & Goals.

# This will help to look at the whole picture of your characteristics. You will also find a lot of inter relationship between them.

# Now looking at your personal chart you can analyze all your personal aspects.

# You can start right from your childhood memories asking yourself how did your childhood patterns contribute to your present personality,how can you work on it.

# Strengths are just to remind you how you can utilize them in a best possible way.

# Weakness is something you really need to work on consciously.

# After summarizing all the above characteristics you can chalk out your goals in the most effective way be it professional or personal.


Here you can divide professional & personal relationship into 4 parts as below ;

. Family

. Friends

. Colleagues

. Social group

# Because of all different circumstances in life ,you have formed a certain level of relationships with all different human groups. Learn the art of balancing your relationship goals, through self – analysing on various factors like quality time,get togethers,giving helping hand in an emergency,unity ,trust etc

# Ask yourself do you spend enough time equally with all of them.

# Who matters you the most & whom can you improve your engagement with.


Here the categories of groups remain the same .we just have to analyze how others look Upto you.

# Do they know you as the most level headed person,hot tempered, pragmatic ,self – obsessed or over casual or any other behavior.

# Dig into their minds ,and find out why they respond you in a particular way? What they expect out of you.

# I know this part of the self – assessment is a bit difficult as the answers will be more prominent if you involve the third person. You can also approach your reliable friend for helping you out in this assessment.

#. Ask yourself do they take you for granted or you take them for granted?

# Are your relations based on trust and responsibility both the ways.

# Any one of your friends or relative has been upset with you from quite a long time , because of your certain behavior? And many other questions relevant to your personality and interactions with people around you. Work on it coming to a sensible conclusion.

Apart from this method I would also recommend you to make a separate file or a book for your self – assessment. Where you can keep checking your progress even if you do not self – analyze regularly. Just mention the dates so that it will help you see the transformation over all.

” Look in to the mirror of self – assessment,clean your character,comb your thinking,shave off your bad habits ,and brush your skills”




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