Consistence & persistency ( point no 4) Self – growth initiatives & tips for beginners ( blog no 6)

Before starting with this topic let me explain you the difference between these two highly precious words,whom I call the Essense of human Existence. Persistence is carrying a particular task even inspite of difficulties you face. And Consistence on other hand is regular and unchanging habit or a practice,which eventually becomes a discipline where you achieve the power of self control over all the habits . You can never achieve persistence without the art of consistency.

If we want to learn the true form of Consistence & persistency then lets ponder a little into the lives of these minor creatures ,whom we see in our day to day lives ,who have invincible wil power. And unshakable consistency & persistency in their personality. Have you ever seen when you clean up your home & remove all the cobwebs around and in your house ,Spiders rebuilt them within few days ,and never give up ,no matter how many times they have to rebuild . Their Brainwiring is skilled with the art of these two skills.

It’s our human nature to expect some sort of appreciation or acknowledgment no matter what we do ,we are so obssessed with self – importance,that unless we get it, we don’t feel that self -acceptance . It’s a natural human tendency. But then lets try being self – less or start out without any expectation ,when it comes to these two qualities. Let’s try wiring our brain like spiders when Practicing these two qualities,and do it anyway . Remember that building anything worthwhile takes time ,effort & dedication.

Consistency & persistency is not solely important factors for the process of self – growth. But generally in all areas of success. You will neve be able to climb,the ladder of success without these two qualities. Because there is no shortcut for sucess. You must have heard this quote many times before and also the mention of these to words in all sucess principles,self -help books and in goals of all the organizations. In fact sucess is the product of these two highly precious golden qualities. They are consequence of believing in ourselves no matter what obstacles come our way, but we never gave up.

Everytime you are learning something you get to a place where you experience frustration. The skill you are trying to learn seems to be beyond your capacity and you lose that inital motivation . Your progress speed decreases drastically or even stops for a period of time,thats when majortiy of us give up. Doesn’t that sound familiar,when we bloggers are posting our blogs consistently ,but a time comes when inspite of so many beautiful contents ,we have published ,you still don’t have enough of readership or visiters or any comments on your blog. In this temporary void we get demoralized and give up on the beautiful art of consistency that we had developed for ourselves with so much of hard work . Also klling the value of persistence in the process .

This is the time we need to hold back our demotivating emotions and realize that..

” Consistency is harder when no one is clapping for yourself during those times,you should be your biggest fan.”

Just trust the process anyway,and never ever give up Because :

Sucees is not an event ,its a process.

M.J. De Marclo

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