Habits forming morning & night routines (point no 5) Self – growth initiatives & tips for beginners ( blog no 6)

The human psychology so easily finds its own comfort in the habits formed by them,good or bad,that you will never think of changing them unless it’s a negative habit & is affecting your well -being drastically. Why do we get so comfortable with these habits? Because it comes effortlessly & mindlessly to you after a period of time,with out wasting enough time on tht task.

Taking the advantage of our psychology,today I am insisting you to form these two healthy habits of morning & night routines,practiced from generations by various successful people,infact most of them give credit to their excellent routines & rituals for their success.

What is so special about these routines that has attracted so many successful people ?

Today’s lifestyle is running the race of time ,for your over all well – being as we have so many multiple things to do,that it takes a toll on your mental & physical health eventually.

Morning & night routines are just an efficient way to fix this problem in today’s fast paced world & finish all tasks efficiently with pro – activeness. Apart from your basic hygiene & healthy routines,if you also add some productive habits like effective planning, meditation,positive affirmation etc and whatever fits in your liking, these routine will work like a magic pill in all walks of life.

Why are these routines so important?

#. Biologically we are most energitic & optimistic for any task more efficiently,at this time of day.( Specially morning)

#. Most people have reported highest level of happiness when they wake up.

#. It is the most calm & peaceful time of day as most of them are asleep,ensuring minimum noise pollution.

#. Great works of art & novels have been executed in these refreshing hours.

#. This is the best time to expedite your multiple tasks as in calm state of mind , your decision making skill is more sharp. And you will not waste more time on,some difficult tasks & find appropriate solutions.

#. The key to start pro- morning routine lies only in effective night routine.They hold equal importance as morning routines as half the preparations in nightime are responsible for efficient morning routines. Also a lot depends on what time you go off to sleep,night before.

How will these habits help you on the path of self – growth ?

Adapting morning & night routines is going to put some light on your self – analysis or any general awareness. Planning & listing goals is a great way to bring you closer to all self- growth initiatives which you are reluctant to follow otherwise.

To make the process of Self – Growth more promising ,not by just maintaining consistency or analysing yourself on regular basis. ,but also including same self – growth practice in these daily morning & night routines to make this process more assuring enough which will be unstoppable,and create a strong back up circle of all intiatives of self – growth . As strong morning & night routines have power to influence your mind to work towards the goal & focus that you have planned.

” Beware ,human beings can easily become slaves of their habits,think before u get used to the bad ones ,the good ones have already made u into this beautiful person u are“.

13 thoughts on “Habits forming morning & night routines (point no 5) Self – growth initiatives & tips for beginners ( blog no 6)

  1. Yuup, it’s said that An hour of early morning is equal to three hours of noon or after that. Though many said Night is the best way to complete the stuffs. So there’s dual opinion regarding this but prefer to wake up early and done the work of day when others are just to started… Btw good topic to write on

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    1. Thx a lot for ur precious comment.ya thts true.though mornings r d best time biologically also,it’s Upto individual choice ultimately,which task to keep for morning and evening based on their convinience and routine pattern.

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