List of Productive Morning & Night routines to become the Best version of yourself one day.

The reason I mentioned about including some productive activities related to your Self – Growth process ,in the previous blog is because , I want you to make the best out of your morning & night routines by adding these initiatives , as it will lead towards your on going self- growth process which will keep improving and expanding with your morning & evening routines s effortlessly ,that you won’t feel the pinch of doing some additional self improvement errand in this time constraint world which is ticking like a timer.

For your convenience I have tried to make your self – growth process a bit easier and manageable,but ultimately it’s your responsibility to take initiative and show willing ness towards your self improvement. Below are few list of productive ideas for morning & night routines,from which you can bring in whatever fits your requirement for self – growth in to your personal list. Morning & night routines are the only time we have for ourselves in this busy world ,why not spend them wisely and productively.


#. Meditate or practice deep breathing ,by playing a light breezy meditative music or any mantra chanting for good positive vibe.

#. Read out positive affirmations mindfully,designed specially for your personality.

#. Start your mornings by reading Inspiring thoughts & quotes or may be have glance at your Vision board if you have made it .

#. Express genuine gratitude towards everything in life.

#. Connect with nature by going for a walk in early morning fresh air.

#. Start your mornings with reading inspiring book or an article or videos if any.

#. Maintain your journal,things to do list,or anything related to your goals & planning in general.

#. Read Newspapers / update your Current affairs.

#. Solve Brain stimulating puzzles or activities.

#. Have Healthy breakfast as this is the best time for body to absorb protein more efficiently.

#. Declutter your surroundings

#.Spend time with your love ones or either try to have family breakfast together.

#. Add colour to your vase by bringing some beautiful Flowers from garden or your surroundings.

#. Make it a goal to Help some needy if possible without any expectations or either plan to Make someone’s day special .

#. Plan to adapt one Eco – friendly habit daily to save nature.


#. They say night is the best time for Creativity ,but whichever way works for you,right down ideas or work on any creative project.

#. Self – analyze yourself in all aspects of life.

#. Set your Plans and Goals for the next day.

#. Write down your Daily budget.This will surely help you track your monthly spending patterns.

#. Go for a Night walks with your loved ones.

#. Have Dinner together with your family .

#. De- clutter your surrounding

#. Create an atmosphere for your Peaceful sleep,like Re-do your bed ,play Soothing music, sprinkle Aromatic oil ,adjust the lights.

#. Meditate or simply practice deep breathing.

#. Read any of your personal favorite genre books for 30 mins at least.

#. Practice Forgiveness

#. Congratulate yourself for spending your day productively & efficiently.

#. End up with Positive affirmations or Inspiring quotes.

There are various healthy morning & night routines which have not only worked wonders for many successful people,but also universally helped a lot of ordinary people in different walks of life. Though I recommend these listicles for your efficient lifestyle,in the end you have to decide what works and what doesn’t work for you. And make your own list based on these guidelines. As we all are unique beings with different brain wiring & taste for life,so what works for you may not work for others.

” What we do everyday matters more than what we do once in a while.”

Gretchen Rubin.

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