Being Responsible (point no 6) Self – Growth initiatives & tips for Beginners ( blog no 6)

A nice Humanbeing is the one who shows responsibility towards everything that is a part of this world , including him,who selflessly accepts the responsibility to make this world a better place one day.

If you ask me if I want my child to be a successful person or responsible citizen, I would chose the later. What is the use of that success if you don’t know how to handle it. What is the use of your success if your community can’t trust you. We will find a lot of successful people in our lives ,but the ones who takes responsibility to maintain it rightly is most successful & wise person for me.

A very simple Example on general Responsibilities,

Let’s say ,two rommie’s share a room in a hostel .One day ,one of the roomie falls sick terribly that she is completely bedridden. On humanitarian grounds it is the responsibility of other roomie to at least take over he responsibilities for a day or two till she get better and assure her comfort & rest . Regardless of they are good friends or not . But instead she stays out of the hostel ,to avoid responsibility. You will never expect any help from that person . Which ultimately raises question of trust in our mind. You will feel hurt on humanitarian level and never approach to grow your friendship further with that person.

Same applies to a lot of relationships in life ,be it formal or informal . If one starts developing trust of your certain responsibilities, who wouldn’t mind to have such responsible person around. Sometimes you need responsible friends over entertainers or so called cool ones to be around & hangout .

There will be lot of things in your hand if you are willing to take responsibility or initiative. It’s up to you if you want to be…

Selfish person or Selfless person

Trustworthy or unreliable

Independent or dependent

Self growth or self destruction.

Depending what you choose defines the quality of your life in general and people who surround you.

It’s never too late ,if you think you were never grown up like that or were over pampered,you just need to have self – realization to make this change . Not everyone is born responsible,life experiences teach them to adapt this quality for their own good .

And if you think being responsible really matter to be a good Humanbeing then be it. Don’t expect people to push you always .Be the change ,and see the change.

There are two primary choices in life,to accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

Dr Denis waitley.

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