A wind up on my Self – Growth initiatives.

I just finished with my Extention of the Self – Growth initiatives, in my last blog based on my original blog on ‘Self – Growth’ which includes 6 initiatives & 9 tips for beginners. Well I think it’s so crucial to form a base of unbreakable constant growth & invent a new confident you, equipped with all initiatives supporting each other in synergy to maintain your focus on self – Growth journey.

When I wrote this blog, I just wrote it, straight from my heart, whatever sequence I felt right to initiate the burning desire for Self – Growth. And later I realized, the sequence I mentioned, makes a lot of sense in order to create a base for starting on the journey of Self – Growth. Below is the Explanation, for why I feel this sequence of initiatives will work practically.

1. De- cluttered self & surrounding :

The reason I mentioned this point to be the first is because it’s so important to have clarity of things before you start with any journey or venture. And that clarity will only be possible if your mind, body & spirit are in the state of unison, to guide you further.

2. Self – awareness & Self – realization :

When you are clear about lot of things in life, your self evolution starts naturally. Now You just have to be self – aware about everything around you, in order to come to a right solution. So that you are able to discover your real true self.

3. Self – Analysis :

As this world is full of distractions its easily possible to get distracted from your focus. Hence regular Self – Analysis just plays its part to monitor the progress of your Self – Growth journey.

4. Consistency & persistence :

Just practicing Self – Analysis randomly is not gonna work. You need to be consistent & maintain the persistence no matter what as we keep evolving, influenced by our surrounding, people around us, books we read, new habits we carry, so you have to keep a check on your new discoveries & Self – Analysis if it’s just a whim or part of a bigger purpose.

5. Habits forming morning & night routines :

Why I found it necessary to make this point a part of initiatives is because more than our qualities, however focused plans we make, we are after all human beings, who keep distracted with this flashy world around easily, but we are still the slaves of our unconscious habits. We easily get comfortable with any habits we form. Since morning & night routines is one of the common regime & also a very successful element of personal life,which enhances the quality of life & time management in our busy schedules, I find it as holistic approach to add in few productive habits, which will unconsciously lead you towards Self – Growth with ease and less of a burden.

6. Being Responsible :

This is highly crucial quality one should possess in every area of life. People are not always born with it, they develop it over a period of time through hardships & circumstances in life. But what level of responsibility you have reached & are willing to take, will determine the quality of your life. So ask yourself, are you ready to take the responsibility of your self – transformation forever? or it’s just going to fade away from your life, like some old temporary ritual we once practiced. No one is going to teach you this particular subject of self management in your schools or colleges. It will grow only if you take the initiative to be responsible for your own quality of life.

Well, though I think these 6 initiatives will really kick start your self growth journey with firm platform of all these points acting like pillars to maintain your desire for Self – Growth, if you find any other way to realize your best self, go ahead & follow. Because in this world of corruption, insanity & unhuman experiences, unfairness one Needs to take responsibility of your own self to refine it to the best version of you & influence others, so that we can ensure the sanity of our future world, which will not only keep our next generations safe, but also keep the legacy of taking responsibility for your own ‘Self- growth’ forever. Eventually diminishing the monsters created by our own mind.

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