Book Review – Chanakya in daily life # Non-fiction.

Title : Chanakya in daily life

Author : Radha Krishna Pillai

Publisher : Rupa publications India.

Genre : Non – fiction, self – help / Self – Growth

About Author :

Radha Krishnan Pillai is not only best selling author of ‘Corporate Chanakya’ but also a Motivational speaker. Inspired by Chanakya’s teachings, an ancient philosopher and royal teacher also author of ‘Arthashastra’, which produces solutions on how to strike a balance in daily lives or rather all aspects of life, Author couldn’t find any other great theme for his next book.

Book summary :

This book is based on the wisdom shared by Chanakya 1000 years ago, in all areas of life that is personal, professional & family. This book is whole package of work & life balance split in three categories to make us understand more systematically. Author has successfully managed to simplify this old wisdom shared by Chanakya & brilliantly helped us articulating the concept in the best possible way to help us incorporate it in our daily lives.

My Review :

Firstly the reason I picked this book was because I was completely fascinated by its bright yellow colour. When I randamly went through the pages to find out if it’s really my type, I was glad to see it covered almost all aspects of lives in one book, which interested me further to buy it, to get a good picture on upgrading ur lifestyle, which has always been the first goal of my blog.

When I started reading the book I was thrilled to see lot of my self – growth points covered in the personal life part. Which really gave a sense of satisfaction that whatever initiative & tips I was elaborating made pure sense, however simple or disorganized I must have been but my heart just lead me to that right path. By this understanding now, this book has already started making place in my heart I knew. And I was excited to read it further.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly as it was a quick & crisp read straight to the Point. I liked all the micro tips covered up in all the sub topics. The best part about this book is you can access the wisdom of Chanakya from any page you wish to read as per your mood. And trust me you will not be disappointed, as the wisdom that we receive is not just relevant generations ago, but can be completely practiced in today’s life. As most of them are time & tested techniques followed from generations, but we often over look the logic behind it. I almost loved all the points mentioned under personal & family life section. This book is like little Bible, applicable in all aspects of life and leading the reader towards the path of righteousness & strengthening your moral values & principles further. Eventually helping you to be the most balanced person & best version of yourself.

My favorite one liner from the book :

I really loved the way Chanakya has holistically redefined the meaning of meditation

” Anvikshiki keeps mind steady in adversity & prosperity and bring proficiency in thought, speech & action”


Which means when things are going completely wrong an one does not know what to do, one must find a way to keep calm, but when things are going right and everything seems to be moving in positive direction, it’s still important to keep calm, as when you are relaxed in any situation it brings about proficiency in thought, speech & action your thoughts are clear, you speak without confusion & actions lead to success.

Whom I recommend this book :

* For the young generation who easily get carried away at this delicate age. It will definitely help them maintain self control over their values & principles in life. And instill righteousness & responsibility from the right age.

* Who constantly juggle with work life balance & prioritizing their values & principles.

* A person who is absolutely a workaholic & a nerd..

* A Person willing to start his self growth journey.

* And off course to any non – fiction lover, as it’s worth read and a book u can cherish forever rereading many times.

* * * *

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