I Am only human, and I bleed when I fall down

Personal blog # Apology letter

To my,

Virtual friends &

Prolific bloggers

& my kind


Sub: My sincere apology for not submitting my weekly blog this week.


My dear visionary audience, I dint knew, this weekly blog would turn out to convey my apology & personal thoughts, as the circumstances at my side had been a bit disturbing for me to motivate my followers, And hence I decided to write an Apology letter for not giving my best this time.

I would have still managed to pull it off some how, but I dint want to compromise on the quality and disappoint you all with half hearted, less researched blog. I just need all your support & blessings this time, for me to continue my journey effortlessly in future.

And hence I thought to relate to my audience occasionally through my personal ramblings or randomly anything that would strengthen our connection, be it my suppressed thoughts. Which will help to bridge that gap between my virtual friends, with whom I intend to create long lasting relations and not just on a professional level but as a whole community of bloggers to create a new level of transperency in our relationship.

Firstly I would like to Apologize each & everyone for being erregular with my blogs schedule & timings due to some internet issues lately. And having hyper active preschooler to deal with, who is still clingy, I am finding it difficult to be consistent with my days & time. Will try my best to stick to my schedule i. e on each Monday ‘s but my uploading time might differ. Please bear with my irregular schedule. I promise to mend it in future. I would also like to apologize, for not being able to read my fellow bloggers blogs & comment on my favorite ones due to time constrain. As a newbie I would also appreciate ur suggestions for enhancing the quality of my blog. I am still lacking behind with my technical & marketing skills which I promise to work on it with time.

After all I am too a human being with flaws, emotions, grief. No matter how pleasing I appear to my outside & visual world I am still a body & mind of imperfections in my own uniqueness. Better than the outside world I thought my virtual friends would be my best buddies to share my sorrows & griefs without passing any judgement. Not only that, until I relate to you all on personal level I would never be able to touch your hearts in future.

Today I would sincerely like to thank each & everyone, for following me, and being a part of my blogging journey. I am like that headless chicken in the blogging world without you all around me to guide & support. Though I have only 80 followers so far you all mean the world to me.

I know I am not any well known blogger with thousands of followers, my blog plan is not even monetized yet. But I am this passionate imperfect newbie mom in learning process & aiming to improve gradually & striving my way to be a great lifestyle blogger one fine day, but with sincerity, hardwork, genuineness, being myself & creating some priceless bonds of friendship in blogging community.

I hope to inspire & be the source of motivation in all areas of life, through my experiences, research & handful of skills blessed to me by my dear God, creating class apart of the whole human race, based on self – Growth & a genuine mindful lifestyle of quality & respect.

Thanking you,

(Gauri bellad)

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