Anger management & Release ego (point no 7) Self growth initiatives & tips (blog no 6)

You must be thinking why is anger & ego the biggest barriers on the path of self – Growth. They are just a part of individual personality. But if expands beyond a certain proportion, will not just affect your self growth process, but your sanity eventually with no one to console you on your side.

Anger is a natural human emotion triggered due to the existing circumstances around, which are not right. Whereas ego is invisible trait, accumulated, with the period of time, through your achievements, your feeling of being superior to others and many other incidents.

When you habitually & actively practice anger & ego, to be Authoritative & bully others, you feel you have reached the top of the world as people respect you no matter what. But the sad truth is they are being forced to be like that to make you feel good. As they are not willing to see the other you.

Both anger & ego darkens your human consciousness, to a level where they become the owners of your mind, without you realising it.

So in this fogged state of mind, it’s very important for one to be self – aware of their traits & realize it as soon as possible before it ruins your life & precious relationships forever.

And unless you have control over these two behaviors, you will never be able to compromise a space for Self growth in your life. As ‘Self – Growth’ Is not just about yourself. It’s about inspiring others through your righteous transformations. And you will never achieve this transformation, until you start thinking of others, respect others & the world around you.

Ego & anger is like termites, it shreds you to pieces before you can realise”


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