Identify your Sleeping Demons first, this Diwali

Well before giving you some valuable tips in my next blog, let me share my personal experience about my anger & ego issues and how I identified & realized these demons later in my life to work on it. I am sure a lot of you would resonate with it. And find your own way out of these sticky termites. Through my experience I have learned that it’s very paramount to be Self – aware of such behavior first, realise & accept your mistake and then work on it. If you are not even aware that you are committing a mistake there is no point of listing up those tips.

All my working years as cabin crew, before marriage I never realized that suppressed anger & ego had started influencing my mind already. The suppressed anger was just ready to burst at wrong time on wrong people, while ego was spreading its roots, in all aspects of life, specially my personal life. I dint even knew they had become a part of my personality slowly.

Later when I left my job & got married, these invisible termites slowly started snapping out of my mouth, spreading negativity & accumulated anger and gushing out at my loved ones & people whom you think will understand you for this behaviour. Unfortunately losing every bit of respect for me inside. Though I was in sync with my ego already still practicing unconsciously. I dint knew it is going to hit me so hard, as I was not working anymore, had left my identity behind. It hurt me, at times I was sulked with anger inside as I was no more the person, people wanted to be around or respected for what I was. But it also made me think other way around if I have been expecting a lot from my loved ones in return or making them feel obliged towards me. This is the time I started realizing the fake identity of ego I was carrying in the name of self – respect. Though I identified it, I was not ready to accept it completely. It had become automatic dominating pattern in me, without caring for others.

This was the time my conscience, reminded me that something dint feel right, what I had being doing, and I was not ready to accept it either. That’s when I decided to work on the dual identity dent ego had created in me so deeply.

I perpetually maintained long elaboration of my experiences for you all to recognize the trapped emotions, which hide behind your pride most of the time but we never recognize it.

Hence it’s extremely important first to identify the problem as its a trap of complicated mind maze, then realize & accept your mistake willingly. Do not blame yourself, as most of your behaviors were unconscious & habitual. Then go ahead and start applying tips suitable to your pattern

In my next week blog I will surely give u some important guidelines and tips in sequence to balance off ur anger & ego with out hampering our self – respect in our daily lives. Till then identify those monsters & give your self some time to accept it guilt free.

Let’s take a pledge this Diwali, to fight all the demons like anger, hatred ego, jeolousy & lie residing inside our minds & burn them forever through the light of our true Conscience.

– Happy Diwali