Tips to control your Anger & balance your Ego.

As mentioned in my previous blog, it’s significant, first to be self aware of the problem you are facing & accept it guilt free. This will help you realize and apply suitable techniques or tips to control it.

Tips to control your Anger:

To apply the tips, first you need to find out the root cause behind your Anger. Weather it’s triggered because of hidden ego, excessive stress or suppressed feelings & grudge on someone or any other underlying reason during ur childhood memories.

* If it’s due to stress find ways to control your stress like practising breathing techniques, meditation & maintaining healthy lifestyle.

* If it’s because of you holding grudge on someone, identify your pattern first, take efforts to forgive that person as it’s easier to vent anger on someone whom you already hold grudge on.

* When your Ego is bruised badly it has capability of exploding anger of volcanic capability. Hence you need to keep ur ego at the bay or restricted.

* In general, whenever you feel you are about to snap out, count no 1 to 100 or till the time you feel calm. This is one of the effective & easiest way suggested by many experts.

* Try and analyze the situation if your Anger is reasonable or beyond proportion.

* Get into habit of asking yourself if it is really so necessary to be rude on someone, for any ordinary reason.

* Think of your loved ones before you start fuming and what they have done for you.

* Try your best to be calm or quiet, no matter how instigating your opponent is, eventually they will be tired of talking to you.

* Divert your mind rather then getting into useless argument, provoking you to lash out.

* Do not be too serious about everything in life, else you will eventually turn frustrated & angry.

* Live your life as you want it, don’t live under another person’s priorities. It will eventually turn into suppressed anger & burst out like over blown balloon.

* Practice yoga as it’s an excellent way to keep your mental health balanced & functioning optimally.

* Inspite of your various efforts if you are still not successful, consider taking professional help.

Tips to balance or tame your Ego.

The definition of ego in the dictionary is a person’s sense of self – esteem or self importance. Someone who likes to be praised all the time for his extraordinary abilities he has, as a person. As time passes the person become too much involved into him & for get about other who are also impressive & superior then him.

* The very first step to tame your ego is to realize the difference between self – respect & ego ( which I will be discussing in next blog)

* Once you realise, it might take time to accept, because of the guilt you have been carrying for your just realised behaviors. But accept it guilt free as you have done it all unconsciously most of the time.

* Make yourself understand the fact that you are not the only superior person in this whole world. There are many people superior then you. Off course you should be proud of ur abilities, but not to an extend that you demean others abilities. Rather share the knowledge you have,for the progress of the whole humanity.

* To share the knowledge you need to feel empathy towards other fellow human beings you interact. Just because you are successful doesn’t mean others are incompetent. They are just going through a bad phase. And just need your empathy.

* In order to emphatize naturally you need to discard the feelings of jealousy towards others forever. If you keep getting jealous of other people now and then the slow killing competitive feelings will keep boasting your Ego frequently to be the winner all the time. Everyone have their time to shine, you can’t be the sunshine all the time Because God loves all his creations.

* Try and connect with the nature. Imagine if there will be any natural calamity, none of your abilities will work in front of the aggression of global warming. There is some force up there, who is much superior then all of us as we are just the creations.

* Stop being afraid of looking silly. I would say this is one of the points I completely resonate as I often used to get worried of being silly. As unconsciously I have often been a little socially awkward naturally which made me conscious all the time of my Self image.

* Never stop learning. No matter which stage of life you reach you will still have lot of things to learn. And this way you will also feel grounded.

* Last but a very thoughtful way is to practice gratitude & forgiveness. To keep all ur emotions grounded & balanced.

Above all just think that we are just our body & flesh with accumulated memories and behaviors in our mind. When we die we are not going to take our ego, anger n jealousy with us but our true self.

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