A day trip to Gokak & Godachinmalki Falls (North karnataka)

The state of karnataka has some of the most astonishingly exotic waterfalls less known to people. This time, extended heavy rains have further worked magic to make it look so hugely appealing enough for tourist view. As the thunderous demanding sound of this milky waterfalls would grab anyone’s attention.

We were fortunate enough to visit this marvelous waterfall of Gokak which is also called as ‘Niagara falls’ of karnataka, as it was blessed with magical ray of rainbow, naturally formed due to refraction of sunlight in the water droplets of this huge down pour of Gokak. Trust me it was a sight to behold, as if I am experiencing some divine happening near this mystical waterfall. This sight had such a tremendous healing impact on my stressed filled eyes, that I felt like all my stress has vanished in just few seconds of visiting this place. It was like some sort of eye therapy.

Rainbow formation

Gokak Falls is located on the Ghataprabha River at a distance of 60 km from Belguam district of karnataka. This falls has a height of about 52 m. The river merges further through the lush green forest after this point.

Right across the river is a hanging bridge at a height of 201 m above river bed. It was not open for the tourist though.

Another popular attraction near the water fall is an old temple, dedicated to lord Mahalingeshwara. This temple is built in Chalukyan style architecture. It has been long, that I haven’t been to any such intricately designed stone temple from historic times. I just thoroughly enjoyed this feeling, taking me back in those times & the serene vibe around the temple just made me more spiritually inclined.

It has one of the first cotton mills set up by British during 1800, where you get quality cloths. But it was closed when we arrived due to some religious purpose. It also has a hydraulic power plant of its own.

Some pointers to keep in mind before visiting this place:

* Visit during July to October

* Buy ‘ Kardant’ a locally popular healthy sweet of Gokak made of dry fruits & jaggery.

* This place is usually crowded with tourist, standing on the cliff top, but there are other points where you can enjoy the view which is less crowded & dirty.

* Be careful with childrens as the waterfall does not have any railing around it.

* Wear comfortable shoes if you are willing to visit near the cliff as there are lot of uneven stone formation before the water fall.

Godachinmalki Falls

There is another waterfall named Godachinmalki falls few kms away from Gokak Falls. This fall is formed by river Markandeya, and falls from a height of around 100 m. The best part about this waterfall is that it has naturally formed, multi – cascades, giving a wide mesmerizing water fall view like the ones on picture portraits.

I literally couldn’t get my eyes off, this hypnotizing waterfall, as my eyes were on the verge of targeting to create a deep memory vision forever in my heart as much as I could, before we leave.

I enjoyed privacy over this spot, which was away from the main point. This river too merges further towards dense forest giving a picturesque of verdant landscape all around

We settled down at a perfect clean spot, unrolled out Matt, had our lunch, enjoyed the view & birds in the surrounding through monocular. The intensity of waterfall was so strong that we could actually feel the water sprinkles on our face & body.

My husband managed to get some excellent panoramic drone shots.

Drone shots

It was truly a satisfying experience for a day trip. If you ever plan to visit karnataka or in and around Belguam, don’t forget to see these mesmerizing cascades at a distance of just 60 kms away from Belguam. It will surely promise you a day of digital detox between gurgling water.

Pointers for Godachinmalki Falls :

* Visit during July to October

* Carry snacks along, as there are no food vendors around in vicinity, at least not on the point we were in. Do not forget to carry trash bags.

* Be careful with kids & senior citizens, while visiting the main point as the rocks may be slippery.

* There are two points for access for regular tourists. The main point, has direct access to the water fall cliff. The other point is on the opposite right side of waterfall, where we clicked pictures from. There might be other accessible points for adventure lovers. But you need to do proper research from the locals for a familiar and safe route.

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