In love with the Hippie land (North Goa)

This times North Goa trip, got me more intrigued then before as I could sense some connection, with the Hippie culture & vibes. Since the the time I have been seeing these peaceful, happy people enjoying their lives to the fullest, I have become Miss ‘Curious’ to know what has drawn them to live such life. What inspires them here in Goa which is unseen by others. And when I went researching out of curiosity about their origin in goa, Which turned out to be one of the best tourist destination, after arrival of this exotic culture and changed its vibe all together. I was totally fascinated.

Well I will not go more into detail, but from what I have understood, I was highly impressed with the history behind their origin & accepting harmonious and non violence way of life which is almost similar to the Indian spiritual baba’ s & monks. For me they truely are this new age community of spirituality, who not just accept the material happiness willingly, but also accept & love whatever God is offered to all human being in the form of nature.

They redefine spirituality in a more modern way without expressing but just through their existence sometimes.

These people are so soaked into themselves & nature, drawn towards the healthy life of yoga & meditation, that they can pass their feel good & happy vibe easily in the surrounding with no efforts.

Though there is a stigma of drug abuse attached to hippies, which is still prevalent to this day. But what the heck, as far as they believe in non – violence & harmony without affecting the peace around or using non addictive drugs, keeping their lifestyles to themselves without influencing others or peace of the surrounding.

If you overlook this part, there are so many things to learn from these nomadic people, who dared to be different from others rejecting conventional way of life, staying harmless, making us feel that they not just belong to particular country, but to the whole world. Their love towards nature, sea, yoga & meditation can inspire anyone to lead a healthy life.

This strange inclination towards the Hippie culture forced me to think that some part of me truly belongs to this vibe & culture. It awakened a sense of belonging to the whole world or a part of nature. It is not just about the cool hippie vibes but the depth of love & the hidden meaning behind their whole appearance and existence is what I absorbed this time.

A tribute to their unconventional lifestyle & inspiring me to reconnect with the nature & myself. I thought of making this intricate ‘Dream chaser’ doodle.

Below is the Bohemian ‘Dream chaser’ which indicates peace & freedom. My first ever handmade doodle published. Hope you like it.

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