A visit to a vibrant Craft Exhibition (Pune)

This month I was looking forward for some Art & craft events or workshops happening in pune. And luckily I happened to stumble upon this event of Craft Exhibition just few kms away from my place in koregoan Park, one of the stunningly grooviest place in pune. I had no detailed information about the event, as I have never being for a Craft Exhibition before. But was completely bonkers and curious to Explore this place. Though my schedule was completely busy, one day out of whim & curiosity, I just abruptly decided to visit this place. To my surprise, I was totally fascinated to see so much of creativity & colourful vibes at this event. The brilliant work of art & craft with such a fine detailing & finesse by all the local artisans all around India, just blown my mind away.

India is truely blessed with a rich history, culture & traditions, which clearly reflects in this Majestic work of these intelligent Artisans & craftsman. As it was an abrupt & quick visit, with no intention as my blog topic this week. I have managed to click only few pictures of this event. However if you want to see more pics you can visit their Facebook page for more updates.

Throughout centuries, craft have been embedded as a tradition with rural communities. But due to globalization, ever changing market trends, communication gap & lack of technical abilities, marketing skills & many more. This Indian rural artisan groups are challenged to take skills to the most innovative & marketable ways. “Dastkari Haat Samiti” brings together this skillful & deserving craftsman all handpicked from tiny & remote villages of India, who have made special efforts to offer new designs in their traditional art from. Through its 26 years of work artisans have achieved recognition & gained dignity in the society through many of the programmes organized by the Samiti. They have recently partnered with Google ‘Arts & culture’ to carry Indian’s craft traditions across the world.

This NGO has truely intensified my love for their genuine cause, taking arts & culture of India to the next level. The efforts of this true Craftsmanship have re – inspired me to fall in love with my newly found passion for arts & crafts.

Just as I found food for my soul this week, I hope you find food for your soul through your growing passion for anything that, makes you lose track of time.

Below are my few favorite quick purchases from the Exhibition

Pattachitra art on the hand fan, contemporary necklace,Gond painting postcard. I just love colourful things around, they quench the thirst of my soul.

How can I not get anything for my sweetheart. I got this cute fish block painting kit DIY. Me and my daughter immersively enjoyed every bit of the process.

Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life”

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