Celebrating 💯 followers 😇

This is intensely a Rhapsodic moment for me, not that I am on cloud no nine but I am just happy & content for this mini success moment which I have achieved through all your constant support & interest in my blogs. Hence I thank each & every precious blogger from the depth of my heart ♥ who followed me, and kept showering this simple blogger with motivating comments & encouragement all the time.
On this beautiful occasion, of celebrating my new relationship with my extended virtual family, I thought to reveal myself a little more, by sharing the story of ‘How I decoded my passion for lifestyle blogging with my multi passionate personality.’

One odd day, back when we were posted in Lucknow, my daughter was 1 year plus, I was in this frustrated motherhood phase, where anti – social life had dug up a deeper hole further, making all my daily errands depressing. One of these nights, I had strange desire to write down all my bottled up emotions, little did I knew the writer inside me wanted to voice its opinion & express its feelings desperately. Books were always my favorite time pass over watching TV 📺 most of the times, but I never thought one day it would lead me to start writing my random thoughts & experiment the world of writing. Slowly n steadily I started enjoying my newly discovered hobby, which I now wanted to convert it in a profession. Though I was not confident enough, I was looking for some kind of platform, where I can just express my view about anything in general about life. Thats when I came across one of the Ted talks of writer ‘Preeti Shenoy’ who was narrating her story about how she first started blogging before becoming a writer. That day itself I started researching about this intriguing word called ‘blogging’ and how it works. I was super excited to know that there could be something like’ blogging ‘ that I can do from home, to keep my sanity intact & maintain some kind of productivity, which I had lost years back after leaving my job. This time I was more firm and adamant to do something I love to do, in this process I wanted to experiment everything that I was getting inclined towards under the sun, to discover my passion & my purpose.
That’s how blogging became my new passion, but I still had to unleash the unknown part of my personality. I started working towards it whenever I got time, but then after researching, I came a cross various bloggers, who had a specific niche, like travelling, beauty or fashion. This got me in a fix, what am I good at? Though unconsciously I always read lifestyle topics & non fiction, it dint stuck me that time. Those days I was more fascinated by fashion blogs n some random personal rambling. So I thought let’s start researching about fashion blogs & work towards it. But after few days I also got impulsive to read travel blogs. Some part of me wanted to experiment arts & crafts. And this explosion of of micro passion, got me in a trap. I was extremely restless to decide on my niche. My in ability to discover my goals got on my nerves. Hence I decided to take a break & let time help me decide on this.
Couple of months later I came across many lifestyle blogs with wide niche. This discovery somehow settled my uneasiness. I was super happy. But during my research of blogging, many points mentioned by the experts, suggested that In order to sustain in this field you need to define your niche to one particular topic. I thought over it various times, if I could restrict my self on topics. My answer through my heart ♥ was a clear no no all the time. This is when I decided, it doesn’t really matter, if ur chances to survive in this blogging world decreases based on research, I will listen to my heart and write about everything thing I wish under the sun ☀.
So this is how after a state of bewildered phase I planted the seed of ‘lifestyle blogging’ as my niche finally as it completely fitted my multi passionate personality.
After a year of long wait filled with personal distractions, shifting of location, phases of under confidence, I finally dared to start my blog in 2019 March. And there was no looking back after this. Because the amount of love & affection you all sprinkled on my blogs through comments & likes, I could only think of getting motivated & confident to keep me going. Thank you for this constant dose of encouragement, which effortlessly bought me where I am today.
How can I not express this gesture of love to my beloved bloggers, then my favorite way of expressing through some artistic skills. Below is my handpainted lettering poster, expressing my feelings through colours. Hope you all like it.
With lots of love