What is Multipotentialite?

Multipotentialite is a Multi-Passionate person, who most of their life keep hopping from one passion to another, not because they are not sure of what they are doing, but because of their wide range of interest, wanting to master all of them, they struggle to decide which goals to go after.
     Due to this specific trait of their character, they often come across  as confused people, who just want to satisfy their whimsical curiosity. And this becomes a stigma as society finds it difficult to adapt to their varied interest as everyone universally expects one to be inclined towards one particular field of interest and look it as a sign of clarity, ambitiousness & a respectful profession,which is normal acceptable societal standard.
      Inspite of being sure who they are, they often keep doubting their ability, because of the societal pressure & stigma attached to it. This is also a reason most of them stop believing in themselves out of unclarity & fear.
   This is what happened to me too. During my frustration phase I often used to think useless of myself, that I will never be able to be stable if I keep hoping with my professional choice. I was even considering a career counselling post marriage as it was not feasible for me to join Aviation industry again, due to my husbands odd postings, my newly born baby and  irregular family support. Nor did I feel that passionate about it anymore, just nostalgic.
     Luckily, with my few productive habits of watching Ted talks & informative articles, I kept myself updated with the outside world and bumped into this world of blogging where, after lot of brainstorming session & research I finally found way to satisfy my curiosity of different passions in the wide niche of lifestyle blogging.
      I know this would not be the case with every Multipotentialite. I some how got lucky with the combination of my multi passion which had common platform of writing,hence it never bothered me later much after I started blogging about everything. You can still see the patterns of my personality in the sequence of my blogs. I still haven’t finished with the extention of my Self growth blogs, because of my varied impulsive interests & attitude which drives me to go with the flow.
     Just few months ago when I discovered about this personality  type through the TED talks of Emilie wapnick . I can’t tell you the sense of satisfaction I felt, for the first time I was feeling proud of my imperfections & thanked myself for believing in myself  during my bewildered phase. I discovered through this video that it is okie to be ur self & embrace your gifts, as eventually this scattered pieces of puzzles will start making sense in the end.
This also makes me wonder, why my heart unconsciously, stuck to this heading of my blog name as ‘Bit of everything’ & e-mail address as ‘creativemess.com‘ I truely resonate to this title, with  a newly  discovered dimension of my personality.
    I would sincerely like to thank from the bottom of my heart to these like minded personalities like Emilie wapnick  & many others who raised the awareness about this peculiar personality type  giving it a respectful name of ‘Multipotentialite’ & bringing the beliefs back  of those who lost it in the external fear & doubt, making each and everyone proud of their odd trait, something they were born with & utilizing it to the best of possibilities, connecting those scattered precious pieces of interest & making sense out of it in a long run.
        Now I am more assured  that it is so paramount to listen to your heart ♥, no matter what, as it holds the pieces of all your life puzzles & will reveal it to you at the right time, which will start making sense eventually.

” I am like that honeybee 🐝, who wants to taste flavours from all different flowers 💐, like varieties of them, to quench the thirst of my soul”
    I juz luv myself for who I am          CRAZY