Tribute to our blogs

Blogs have been an exceptional medium for each of us to express our ideas, thoughts & experiences since almost last 2 decades. And here we are starting a new decade altogether, which we would like to initiate by expressing our gratitude & paying tribute to our blogs for bringing out  the best in us.
    Before moving forward I would like to thank my fellow blogger ‘Kalyan parimi‘, an established Prolific blogger & passionate Author of short stories, to come up with this thought provoking idea to write a letter to our blogs & encouraging me to join him in his letter to the blog. I consider myself fortunate to be a participant in this initiative.

Kalyan parimi,
Dear blog,
   It has been a long journey, 3 years to be precise, I am a storyteller and always would be one. I tried to bid a goodbye to blogs earlier this year but wasn’t able to continue and keep up to it. It’s true that I was tired, depressed, had nowhere to go to, lost my senses, undertook a lot of pressure. Amidst all of this when I lost myself, I found my soul in my writings. And you made sure it reaches the farthest point on Earth. And my writings did reach several countries, that I could only imagine going.

Time flies by and here I am writing a letter to you. The one who never left my side. Who was there during the times when I was at the lowest point in my life. I had no one to tell my story to, no one to share my pain with. And then while scrolling through my own blogs gave me a sense of satisfaction, a sense of achievement. I was happy when I finally publish a blog, I wait for comments and criticism and that “Wait” is much awesome. Every single time I open my write-ups engraved n your beautiful wall, I see myself.

I could see my transition over time as an adult, Things have changed and so did I. A lot of customizations, Treated you just like my baby, And here I was with the correct blend of design and intelligence, that’s how you were reborn a thousand times, thousand times I put to make you look beautiful from in and out. I might have failed many times but I did succeed in bringing out the best from you. People loved you more than me. People snapped pictures of you, shared you across the oceans, you covered more distance than what I would if I was a travel blogger 😂.

Life was all about achievements for me, But you stood out, you aren’t just an achievement of a medal of honor for me, you’re a living example, a photocopy of me. You represent me in a way no one ever could. Even after thousands of years you would still exist representing my ideologies on this platform. Making people see the world from my perspective. And altogether a different point of view. Life was not all about the hush. When at the end of the day I rest my pen on your draft, it felt home, Just like I returned home after a long time. Like a sabbatical.

Although our talks will never come to an end. The stories knitted with love, those three liners which were held responsible for all those sleepless nights for readers. Needless to say, I did succeed in penning down the most interesting aspects of Life via you as a medium, my dearest blog. People forget about writing blogs a few months or sometimes years later, few write it as compulsion because they have to earn from it. But you are different for me. I never made you as my source of income. Because I know, you are just like a diary entry of my life. All events portrayed in a third-person perspective.


I would like to express a few things before I put this post to rest,

Zindagi mei khuda dhundne chala tha mei, 

Pagal kya na karta, 

Bhul chuka tha mei mere taakat se waaqif na tha mei,

Ab waqt ko guzarte ungliyon pe ginta,

Ab mei Likhunga, aur waqt bhi khud ko thaam lega

Gauri bellad,
Dear blog,
  The first time I heard about you, I was immensely happy that there is something called as ‘Blogs’ through which I could play the tunes of my soul, using you as the body for my Flute, and play the tunes whichever way I wanted to release the finger holes & spread the vibration of my soul through enchanting words to the world out there.
      You came to my world like a ‘Answered prayer’ & planted a seed of beautiful thoughts with a digital open ground & allowed me to swing my words & thoughts, wherever I wished to place them guilt free, reinventing the new version of my personal diary.
       I can’t express the amount of gratitude, worthy of your compliments. You teached me to respect myself for who I am, gave me boundless freedom without thinking of any grammatical mistakes and the world judging me on the other side. You helped me grow through my own words & thoughts, not just that you showered your genuine  blessings for our hard work & added virtual human followers as gift, each time we pushed ourselves harder to give our  best, in  this process u also made sure we meet some lifelong friends to cherish. You redeveloped the faith in us through each blogs we published & helped us make the best version of ourselves, through our own words.

      You gave voice to our opinions
Character to our thoughts,
And created a new transformed
  Virtual personality out of us, to
Present to the world our true self,
Which we wouldn’t have managed
In this real world
  I declare you as my virtual God,
Thanks to come to our rescue &
Uncage our suppressed thoughts,
Sheltering all the bloggers under
One roof as family & community.
  We are nothing, but the voice of your soul…

   ( If you share the same feelings for your blogs,please share it  with a title ‘Tribute to our blogs’ and express your  true feelings. Let’s spark the Devine energy of life in our blogs through our sincere words & gratitude this new year)

Last but not the least I would like to thank ‘WordPress’ team for shinning careers of unlimited no of bloggers with your outstanding platform.

”  We salute you to help us realize ourselves” .