Let’s put the Global goals first on our list this decade.

     There are many years to achieve our personal accomplishments, but only few years have left to prevent the dangerous consequences of climate crisis, which is already prominent all over the world.
   ‘ we need to cut Co2 emissions almost in half i.e 45% by the end of the next decade’ says sustainability science expert, ‘Kimberly Nicholas’ . Doesn’t that sound alarming? Carbon dioxide is the most abundant gas released by human activities then other natural gases in air, which trap energy from sun as heat. C02 comes mainly from burning fossil fuels, coal, oil & natural gases  and many other experiments  practiced by various other industries.
    Can’t we make few feasible changes in our day to day life individually to reduce carbon emissions, so that our actions will influence the planet 🌏 in the coming decade, if we are genuinely efficient & regular enough, God knows we could prevent  whole series of natural climate disaster coming our way in the next few years and protect our next generation from hazardous side effects. Below are 10 most effective and doable tips to reduce Co2 emissions in our daily lives individually & encourage like minded people like us to be a part of this drive to save our planet earth 🌎
1. Reduce consumption of animal protien :
  Live stock production. Could be responsible for as much as 51% of global greenhouse emissions. By opting to eat less meat, you are helping to slow climate change, as you can cut your diet’s ‘carbon food print by almost 40% & also prevent unnecessary animal deaths.

2.Reduce  your electricity use :
Green house gas emissions are produced when we use electricity & gas. Save energy at home  by switching off lights when not in use, use washing machine only when Full. You can use LED  light bulbs or get ur electricity from wind & sun.

3.Drive and fly less :
A normal transatlantic round – trip flight can release around 1.6 tonnes of Co2 almost as much as average yearly emissions of one person. It is impossible to completely start implementing this action, but you can keep environment in mind before flying and categorize your important reasons to fly accordingly. Petrol & diesel eject lots of climate wrecking emissions. They also increase air pollution. Opt for other public transport instead  like trains & cycle, if you have to go within few km radius. You can also opt for carpooling with friends or go  for electric car.

4.Shop with the environment in mind :
The clothing sector contributes 10% to the world’s global production emissions of Co2, mostly because of the use of energy to produce attire. According to UNFCCC, fashion sector’s emissions are to rise by more than 60% by 2030. Without consumers making a change in sustainability of garment , the efforts are going to be in vain.
  Below are few ways you can adopt to reduce your carbon footprints in this sector individually:
* Think before you buy anything, buy only when it’s a necessity.
* Be creative in combining garments to maintain varieties in your wardrobe.
* Recycle them after they wear out
* Repair clothing, instead of buying new one
* Donate what you no longer use.
* Consider quality over quantity always.

5.Eat locally grown food :
Groceries shipped all around the world use higher foot print than the local produce. Hence it is always a good & healthy idea to buy locally grown produce, which is seasonal. You can also  make your own kitchen garden and plant vegetables & fruit trees.
6.Minimize population :
Nicholas ‘s study concluded that having fewer children is the best way to reduce your contribution to climate change, with almost 60% of Co2 avoided per year.

7. Imbibe the habit of recycling & reducing waste :
Recycling & reducing waste not only plays important role in climate protection but also reducing energy consumption. Using recycled materials to make new products reduces the need for Virgin materials, which emits more GHG then the recycled product.

8.Plant tress :
Remember as kids, we were encouraged to plant trees, as part of social activity for green world & reduce pollution. We just have to carry forward it further, more actively to help suck carbon dioxide out of the air & stabilize the climate.

9. Get crafty :
This is one of my favorite  point, as I love making craft from recycled goods. Using recycled materials to make any creative craft or decor piece will reduce need for virgin materials.

10.Spread the word:
Last point, but one of the most effective marketing skills can work wonders for our environment. We all belong to different fields & careers. A harmonious balance between our passion & profession, if at all allows you the privilege to serve for our global good, in any way, go for it & spread awareness among your community about the danger awaiting for us in coming years.
  Let’s fight the climate change crisis, effectively together ignoring our geographical boundaries restrictive to just our own country, but thinking of whole world as our individual responsibility & birth right to protect our planet 🌏 from hazardous gases, by forming a chain of like minded humans as the saviours.

” This time let’s prove it through our actions, and not words”