Kite festival – Pune

Events are  second home for like minded Enthusiasts who love celebrating time productively on weekends than partying or visiting malls for movies & shopping, sometimes.
    Last weekend we had been lucky to visit this Kite festival by ‘Entrada’ (Event organizer) who believes in uniting people from different cultures & origin under one roof & also encourage outdoor games, which is also growing problem of our generation today. I was entirely gladdened  with their initiative for outdoor games, of which we could already see few fragments in our spacious surrounding.
    Kite festival is a popular traditional event which takes place every year during ‘Makar Sankranti’ in different sub-continents of India. Makar Sankranti is Indian traditional festival which is also known as harvest festival as its believed to mark the arrival of spring in our country. It is a tradition during this festival to offer Til – Gul ladoo ‘s made of sesame seeds & jaggery
     Like I always say colourful ambience always soothes my soul, and this happened to be another such event where I could not only experience, color in my surrounding but also in the skyline  full of perky & traditionally designed kites smiling back to me.      Events, have been something I am enjoying lately, going with my super active daughter. Though this one we intentionally planned to go, for the sake of our daughter, as it was more kids friendly. Such events some how really matches up with our energy together. As we can keep hoping on variety of activities for all age groups in just one day.
        My daughter throughly enjoyed everything over there right from Kite flying, magician show, tattoo artist, fun games. Well my eyes were fixed on this unique looking accessory stall & eateries which lined up with all time favorite & nostalgic savories, which every Indian would relish without fail like gol gappa’s, Butta, Ice Gola, hurda and many more.     A beautiful wide smile with lots of excitement on the face of our daughter just made our day worthy.       Above are my quick pics from the shop that hypnotized my eyes 👀
        I would highly  recommend for people out their to attend such productively fun events or workshops which add a dash of variety to our lives, not only that but it enriches our personality by adding new friends to our list & creating worthy memories to capture in our camera.
    Next time if you think you are bored with your weekend routines of visiting malls, day trips, attending events that fits your interest  will really add tht burst of creativity to your  regular energy. Bcoz life is too short, try every thing, you find exciting under the ☀
   ” Events connect people, Breeds innovation, Builds communities & Spark the positive  change in our personality forever”