Its time to bid farewell to my Favorite neighbour ever

    Neighbours are like  extended family members, who meet by chance & luck and sometimes even open ur heart ♥ forever to be ur  BFF’s if they are really your type. This  is what happen to me too.
     I still remember the day she  arrived to look for a quarter. Looking at her  energetic personality with Authoritative tone I immediately jumped on conclusion that she  must be quiet a bit  snobbish, to be my sweet neighbour. Little did I know, that she had come to open my little childish devils which I had locked up inside because of our  restricted social standards in a society  as an adult.
      How can anyone be so similar, with regards to their habits, thinking pattern, that immature craziness, thoughts  on spirituality, super negative thinking pattern, childish at heart, which don’t  want to follow any societal norms. I wonder  if we were from the same DNA, with different family backgrounds. Though we both looked completely opposite of our personalities, I am sure even we were startled with the contrast of our physical personality with our  psychological self.
      Those highly pitched laughs we shared, all little funny things under the sun ☀, that we would have never revealed otherwise, we just poured it out to each other in no time. It felt like  two magnets have attracted each other after years of search.
   Calling those Randamly funny names which only we are  capable of and laughing our heart out with our oddly  bizarre naming skills will be missed forever my dear friend.
   I know I am never going to get  such a ‘notorious’ neighbour ever in my life, who knows  how to bring out that naughty child inside me n let me be myself, I used to be during my college times. But I m super lucky and happier  to get an opportunity to share the same roof with her, and adding that tick ✅ to my precious possessions, which  includes her now. Thanks for being a part of my life.
       A little gesture of  notorious love, made by me in a form creativity for my dear neighbour, made out of pure love & genuine feeling .