Refuse to choose – By Barbara Sher (Book review)

TITLE: Refuse to Choose
AUTHOR : Barbara Sher
GENRE : Non-fiction, self-help / Self growth

About the Author :
    Barbara sher is a business owner, career counselor & best selling author of seven books. She has often been named as the “God mother of life coaching” by the media and her many fans. Barbara has presented seminars & workshops throughout the world. She also appeared on local and national radio & television shows, including ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, The today show, 60 minutes and Good morning America.

Book summary :
   This book is dedicated for all ‘Multipotentialite’ (What-is-multipotentialite), a personality type identified by the writer as scanners.
  Scanners are these intensely curious & enthusiastic bunch of people who are fascinated with range of interests, hobbies & career options. They do sense their talents, but are pulled in so many directions, as they are not willing to settle on one thing, which often leaves them with the feeling of less accomplishedness & dissatisfaction.
     In this book the writer raises the awareness of this personality type, which is rarely found in few breed of people who never recognize themselves, as one of them as they never meet people like them. The best part of the book is her initiative itself to raise awareness among these differently wired brains, which solves half of the problem of scanners naturally as they start getting comfortable of their different self, resulting in self acceptance, which they failed to identify all these years. The author identifies seven types of scanners, which she divides in two different groups called Cyclical scanners & Sequential scanners. Further she, encourages all of them to be themselves, as that is where their real strength lies & assist all scanners to channelize their same scattered energies, giving it a systematic approach, a productive routine and a career that would suit their jumping interest, restoring their battered self – esteem.

My Review :
  It is a pure self – help book, made with lots of devotion, research & experience by author to help all bewildered scanners in this society of  conventional career norms.
   While reading the book I almost felt like I was finding pieces of my personality here n there in every examples and type of scanners. I was a bit bored and impatient to read through middle pages, as they explained all lengthy solutions for all other scanner type, but as soon as I hit this weird, bizzare scanner name called ‘Sybil scanners’ I never thought in my wildest dream that this odd looking name would be second me as if someone spilled all the secrets of my confusion, which I was struggling to express myself in words, were all out like the devilish prank of a child who was caught with all the faults. I was giggling in silence, with a sense of satisfaction, which I was longing for long after discovering my scanner type. This sparkled my interest to read the book further.
  But it’s really a worthy read for all scanners as no one will be able to relate the depth of the understanding she has created for all of us, through real life examples and solutions. It’s like an escape route for all scanners, ignoring all the stigmas attached to their personality type, eventually filling all of us with incredible relief.
    I am glad I read this book, because the writer has so effortlessly managed to read our hearts 💕 out like tarot card reader or some astrologer, without even seeing us in person & won all our hearts, for her sole purpose of making us accept ourselves the way we are. She is truely the inner voice behind all scanners.
    I strongly recommend this book for all scanners to help them gracefully accept who they are & feel proud to be among people, with differently wired brains, only meant for adding next level of creativity to this hi – tech world 🗺

Who should read this book apart from scanners :
. People who are indecisive with their career options & passionate about many fields in general.
. I would also recommend this book for any person who wishes to be career coach, as it will built right network of awareness who are not accessible to this personality type at all.
. People who have thirst for new unconventional knowledge or personality types or even people interested in psychology may read this book.
. People from HR industry, in order to figure out Multipotentialite categories in candidates to assign their profile to their  best abilities without judging their potential.

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