AHAM BRAHMASMI – prayer to your devine self on the great night of shiva..

     Last year I started my blogging journey, with the blessings of my divine lord ‘Shiva’ on the occasion of ‘Mahashivratri’. And this week of blogging do not hold place for any other  topic in my heart ♥ than paying tribute to my ‘Mahadeva’ again.
    It’s a human tendency when we are all happily engrossed in our daily lives, with exciting tasks to perform, we are taken away by our own busy materialistic world, where we even forget small gestures like saying a  thank you prayer to our almighty, expressing that moment of thrill & blessings which we are experiencing through the magic of his creation & boundless love.
  Have all the human race become so selfish that we just want to enjoy the beauty around, without being bothered who is behind all of  this, that regulates the flow of life energy within us. It’s definitely not us, right? But something that is already a part of us.
     This Shivratri, I would like to thank my Supreme lord for allowing me to experience such beautiful moments immersively last year, while I was busy fulfilling all my fancy human desires & accomplishments, which made me so confident, that I forgot the backbone of my existence who aligned me so wonderfully for who I am today.
  I did thank him occasionally for all that he showered selflessly on me. But found myself too busy to enrich my spiritual bond to the next level.
   I know he is going to forgive me, but can I forgive myself for repeatedly taking my own self for granted. That devine energy which resides inside me and all human beings which has capability of experiencing different dimensions which are beyond human reach. That divine energy which we carry inside us, is just thirsty for our unconditional love & appreciation and nothing.
    This Shivratri I pray to my lord ‘Shiva’ to forgive me for falling in the trap of my own human desires selfishly & not taking efforts to connect with my innerself, for which I regret.
    This Shivratri let’s surrender our minds to nurture that divine energy inside us called ‘Shiva’ or which is beyond humanly desires, filled with unconditional love for everything around us.

Shiva to me is my celestial family in all forms of relationships.
Sometimes he is my godfather,
Sometimes he is my mentor,
Sometimes he is my friend,
Sometimes he is my father or my mother,
When I think of him, my energies magically get aligned towards him, seeking for his blessings.

By each year passing my devotion for him hasn’t changed and I pray it stays the same forever and grow every year in the form of ‘Self evolution’.
He has all different names & forms  in different religions, but for me ‘Shiva’ is what evokes.
  A gesture of love for my ‘Shiva’ that which is formless.
                 Gauri bellad 🙏♥️