Practice Gratitude & Forgiveness (point no 8) Self – growth initiatives & tips (blog no 6)

   You must have often heard, from a  lot of spiritual leaders, the importance of practicing Gratitude and Forgiveness in our  day to day lives. And it’s indeed true. As these warm sounding words  actually carry a lot of weight  that no other  words carry on the path of Self – growth. It is not only one of the ways to keep your ego and anger in balance,however there  are tremendous benefits of these power-packed words  to our mental well-being in todays competitive & corrupted world as they act like complete mind cleansers.
    Have you ever experienced a day in your life started on a bad note, making you frustrated about everything around and suddenly you happen to hear a saddening news, where people die or go through some gruesome experience, doesnt this incident instantly strick us as learning lesson or a way to remind ourselves that  we are  still  at such a better place then what those unfortunate must have gone through. Then why crib about the things around when you are already at privileged and safe place. What was that feeling inside you, which awakened a sense of you being lucky enough then others, yes it was non other then gratitude.we are so badly gripped into our own busy worlds, that we forget to notice simple things in our life that we are grateful for, be it as simple as you are still alive and breathing.
    Why can’t we juz make efforts to practice gratitude on daily basis rather  than waiting for incidents to  remind you of your blessing
     Moving to forgiveness, which is much tougher then practicing gratitude as it involves deeply bruised feelings of hurt. But it’s a lifesaver practice letting you  go off  the poisonous burden that you had been carrying all the way and allows you to forgive yourself and set free forever.
   When you are unable to do so, you will constantly feel anger, resentment and hurt for anyone around you and these feelings are not good for you as they will haunt you and spoil your self image drastically.

   Benefits of practicing gratitude and forgiveness :
* practicing gratitude daily will help you get rid of negativity, cribbing, thinking yourself as a victim to the circumstances.
* practicing gratitude improves ur capabilities of solving any life problems effortlessly.
* Being thankful helps us think about other people’s feelings called empathy.
* As you practice gratitude you become more open to the idea of forgiving other people.
* you will never be left dissatisfied at any stage of life.

* By practicing forgiveness people are  better able to accept and love life as it is and accept others as they are.
* People who learn to forgive report fewer symptoms of stress.
* This practice will set you free forever from guilt, pain and anger. And resentment.
   If you are a person who over things a lot and have a habit of cribbing all the time for everything that comes your way or get easily frustrated & stressed, it’s time you count your blessings before you start your day.
  If you think you are a person who is often aggressive, rude, selfish, underconfident or drenched in some form of humility, it’s time you forgive yourself & others every night, so you can restart your day loving yourself again.
   Imbibing these two values in our lives makes a remarkable difference,not only  to the way we think negatively all the time,but it also balances off the negativity, inside your mind and sets you free forever. They are the powerpack  of  sustainability & balance on the path of life. Don’t forget to make these brownie points a part of your life.