Dear Mother nature, forgive us all…

Yes, there is uncertainty in air, panic like scare,
An invisible monster is whirling in air, for its next prey, don’t know where?
   Yes its chasing us all,
For we are to blame,
for causing man-made disturbance environmentally everywhere,
    Its time to realize that we dint care,
   If we would, it wouldn’t be there.
  Now that we realized we are only humans, and have no right to interfere..

  Let’s pray for forgiveness and plant the seed of love & respect for mother nature once and for all.
   For all that is gone will never come, but all that is left is in our hand.

Don’t worry,
        Its not too late. Though outrage of nature is the scariest then all, Our will power & prayers are only our strongest shields to protect us all. As no one can influence our will, until you give up.
   So hang in there, no matter what,
We have learned our global lesson, it’s time she forgives us all, and she will,
Through her devine grace, which we will soon trace…




6 thoughts on “Dear Mother nature, forgive us all…

    1. Thx a lot mam, for passing ur precious comments. Tht means a lot. I simply love your multifaceted style of writing,and loved reading your blogs.thx for your time and following me.


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