15 Fun Ways to stay Productive indoors to enrich your Relations and Wellbeing

Amidst the scare of COVID – 19 the bitter truth age of social distancing & self – quarantine, there is almost no space left for outdoor activities until the situation is under control, but while this phase is on, do not underestimate the importance of indoor activities, which can truely enrich not only your person lives but ur Self-growth too. This is once in life time opportunity to save yourself, refine your quality of life to next level, while you work from home.
      Below are exciting & productively enriching activities you can add to ur short term routine for all age groups until the outbreak subsides.
1. Spend time with your loves ones & family members, by playing fun games like UNO, spot it or any interesting Business games like monopoly making it ritual occasionally post dinner. It might sound a bit ordinary to play with your family members, but it is super fun once you start playing.

2.For those who are working from home is a great opportunity to spend time with ur kids & encourage them to play interesting fun indoor games with minimum activities. As they might get restless sitting at home.

3. This is undoubtedly best time for you to organize your home & some pending home clean ups, which you have been posponding due to lack of time. This will not only make you feel satisfied, it will charge you up positively.

4. For those who are missing active life & exercise can still practice yoga, Aerobics or set up a dance as fun activity to motivate each other.

5. Periodically, playing your favourite old no, on your music speaker is a great idea to submerge in your golden memories reliving them visually once again.

6. Since you are staying at home most of the time, you can indulge in some self – care session twice a week like body massage, hair packs, homemade facials, nails and toenail grooming once in a while.

7. If you are looking for some  inspiration, in middle of this fear mongering surrounding, listen to some inspiring podcast, TED talks or read some inspirational books to keep your sanity balanced and hopeful.

8. To keep your mind healthy you can also engage in productive activities like mind & brain games like SU DO KU, word puzzle or any brain racking games you enjoy doing in your spare time. You can also practice meditation often or just spend some time in silence with yourself.

9.  For those who love cooking, can experiment with some innovative healthy recipes restaurant style adding a dash of variety to your daily meals.

10. Since you will be spending a lot of time consciously on yourself, self – analyzing & Journaling is a great idea as it will come effortlessly to you through your daily personal rituals you imbibe during these days.

11. For workaholics, apart from working from home, you can also indulge or subscribe on online classes or tutorials which you wished to learn in your leisure time.

12. You can catch up on all long – distance friends & relatives which you wished to call on weekends and ask about their whereabouts & pass your concerns.

13. I know going on vacations is the most we are going to miss,considering spring season is nearly approaching, but never mind, as far as you find yourself in green surrounding & cozy comfortable space taking care of your balcony or terrace garden will serve the basic purpose of connecting with nature which we often  crave for.

14. Tidying up your personal computer space & decluttering your smart phone is a sensible idea staying indoors as it will improve the performance, speed & efficiency of your smart phone.

15. This one goes without saying as already most of the millenials around the world, watching engrossing  Netflix  or Amazon series is one of their favorite time pass, you just need to fix ur TV with good quality speakers and bake some healthy snacks or popcorn for Theatre experience at home with your loves ones.
    Well there are endless productive things you can do based on ur personal interests but these general guidelines are handpicked by me for more holistic wellbeing in all areas of your life.

This is once in a blue moon opportunity, be it for globally troublesome reasons, but let’s utilize it to our best, making indoor activities a way to celebrate togetherness. Showing preparedness to be adaptable to any given situation positively, to  our best interests”..

Let’s fight COVID – 19  creatively, with your own unique art of staying indoors, and practicing self control, contributing to the whole community.

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