10 Holistic lessons we learn from COVID-19

    Saint Augustine the greatest of the Christian thinkers & philosopher said that everything in the universe is good, even that which appears to be evil is actually good in as much as it filled into the whole pattern of the Universe. Similarly, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus believed that good and evil are two notes in the symphony. In music harmony results from combination of low and high notes, while in the universe harmony flows from the combination of opposites, good & evil.
   Weather these philosophical assumptions or views, we agree or not today’s harsh & unprecedented reality, forces us to think that we as humanity, strikingly have a range of comprehensive life lessons to learn from these  global massive lock downs all over the world, in such a short span of time, which would have taken years or almost,  when we  would find ourselves close to our deathbeds, to learn these simple lessons. Obviously it’s undeniable fact, that we are going through this dreadful phase globally, losing thousands  of lives daily, yet this only situation is making us realize the importance of the core values & responsibilities towards nature, which we would have never taken seriously otherwise.
     Below is the list of amazing transformative changes we are effortlessly forced to think of as a priority here onwards because of this spin – chilling word ‘COVID – 19’.

1. Importance of life:

   The instant change that its got into us, is the importance of our life, which can be easily boiled down to a  piece of flesh by this tiny virus so easily making us realize our vulnerability of the body to various dangers in future. People have all of sudden started taking care of their immunity level and over all wellbeing and health In order to refrain themselves from this petrifying virus. Which otherwise, was posponded in their daily normal routines.

2. Contentness:
     The second immediate change is that, it’s made us feel that we are super happy, safe & content no matter what other minor difficulties come our way as far as we don’t test positive for this deadly virus.

3.Limitations :
   It has made us realize, that we are just sophisticated intelligence which cannot over power the natural intelligence of this nature which is beyond our reach.

4.Balanced Ego:
  The best thing that would ever happen to human race  in terms of self – growth is , taming everyone’s high pride ego which keeps flaring with superiority complex. As it reminds us regardless of all the achievements & extraordinary accomplishments we portray ourselves to be, we all are equal at the door of death as the power goes only to the best immunity today, as we all will be treated the same when we test positive.

5.Healthy eating habits & Exercise :
People have consciously started eating healthy food to keep up their immunity and over all wellbeing and health.

6. Sensitivity towards Nature :
  We have genuinely started developing sense of care for our nature and its creatures as we know, we all are interconnected and it’s our fault, to some extent to face this deadly situation.

6.Hygiene :
This is first time in the global history that we have to go through such a rigorous hygiene standards to refrain from COVID – 19.Its  created a deep sense of awareness, out of fear to practice hygiene among all classes of people including the rural areas all around the world.

7. No more taking for granted :
   We all often take our family members for granted in our daily lives. This phase has collectively forced us to spend that precious time, with our loved ones, so we don’t regret it later when it’s too late.

8.Gratitude :
Once this crisis is over, people are naturally going to get drawn towards a gratitude attitude for everything in life, whoever survives safely through this storm. This time the depth of gratitude in everyone’s heart is going to balance unnecessary human desires, which we keep cribbing in our daily lives.

9. Embracing Spirituality :
  As a result of hopelessness everywhere around the world this phase has forced everyone to seek guidance or embrace  spirituality, to maintain their sanity, by connecting to their inner self. It makes us realize the importance of that Supreme consciousness within, who has only power to help us go through any calamity fearlessly and with acceptance.

10.Self – growth :
   This lock-downs are eventually going to help us grow as a grounded and balanced human-beings detoxifying the evilness within us through our transformative Self – growth. Again, this would have never  happened before in this competitive & corrupted world in such a short time.

    As per the Astrological perspective, by a well renowned scientific astrologer ‘Greenstone lobo’, Whenever there is some sort of destruction, war, massive deaths or epidemic n pandamics  taking place around the globe, there is always the involvement of planet pluto, as its responsible for renewal, rebirth, research, change and major  transformations.
   He says, more than this virus, people are dying all across the world due to accidents, cardiovascular diseases, suicides etc so the virus is not as bad as it sounds, as majority of the population recovers back, and it is eventually going to reset the global balance, climate change, reduce accidents, reduce population, wildlife trafficking  and many more eco friendly measures. Pluto is a stern father as it wants us to go back to our roots.
  Yes we all are going to face the cruel side of it now to some extend, but it’s our responsibility to take this horrendous crisis in global history as a learning for mankind, understanding the seriousness of the situation, importance of self care, hygiene, social distancing & self control using it as our only shield to survive this period with minimal damage to humanity over all.
   Let’s not crib about this uncontrollable circumstance and take every bitterness as a lesson to strengthen us positively.

” Let’s fight COVID – 19 gracefully, with the acceptance of present situation, taking all the lessons positively, proving ourselves  by not being the  slaves of modern technology, but master of our inner selves   



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