How to deal with the Lock down blues?

    No matter how much we motivate each one of us, deep down, there will be time when we all are going to go through frequent bouts of boredom, specially people who are socially active and have high level of energy, who constantly need some activity throughout the day.
     Considering this harrowing time of pandemic, where community spread is spiking shockingly, there would be chances for extended period of lock downs globally. We know we don’t have an option, but then how do we deal with this depressing feelings so that they don’t create havoc of mental disorders in our lives? Below are few practical tips which will not only keep you going, but maintain your mental soundness.

Acceptance :
  Acceptance is the first process to any adversity in the world. It is an attitude or a feeling that you cannot change it and that you must get used to it or adapt to the given situation, so you come to a calm conclusion without getting mad at it. Even if your mind is not in a state to accept this shocking circumstance, make it understand eventually, to avoid the deep wound that the mind will create in your heart in the form of bitterness.

Stick to a routine:
By now I am sure we must have got used to our tentative rough routines, but the feeling of being at home, naturally makes you lethargic & casual to stick to any routine. So it’s extremely paramount to make a disciplined routine. You can make it more lively by adding your favorite activities, but make it a part of routine so very less time is left for you to get bored.

Bored over what?
  Many times the reason behind our boredom bouts is the change of task or duties which don’t fancy you any more, so we don’t feel like doing them out of lethargy. In such a situation either reshuffle your duties with your family members or colleagues if it’s work from home or keep taking frequent breaks while working, to keep your interest alive.

Stay away from media:
  Everyone collectively have developed different level of fears based on your exposure to news & media. You do not need to avoid them but ingest only useful information, which serves the purpose of safety & awareness. The more you allow to influence yourself the more you will fall victim to anticipatory grief, which can further lead to depression episodes.

Keep yourself  busy :
    Today’s generations addictive social life has made them very restless & hyperactive. We all are so used to the daily hustle & bustle of the city around that we are feeling ensnared all of sudden, with this state of mind, there are chances we might easily fall into the vicious cycle of depression. Hence before you start feeling that hollowness within, it’s extremely  imperative that you forcefully start keeping yourself busy with any task, even if you do not feel like doing it.

Mental Well-being :
   The only two things in our hand in this demoralizing period are our extreme hygiene & safety standards, also our mental & physical well-being. In order to keep your mental wellbeing at your best, apart from the points discussed above, practice mindfulness, meditation, spend some quiet time with yourself, practice yoga, try and start your day with positive affirmations or expressing gratitude. Chant your favourite mantras for good energy vibrations or any hobby of yours that keeps your sanity intact. If you are responsible enough to keep ur self calm & un shattered, you are not only saving your life but everyone’s who are privileged to get your help in emergency.

No Adversity stay forever:
   We all have heard about these words resounding in our ears may times in a form of quote or encouragement through people, which is a universal truth,that neither bad times or good times stay forever. It’s just a matter of few months & we will be good to go. What you need is only a good self – control & great amount of discipline meanwhile.

Motivation :
   In the game of life, we often lose hope. What brings us back to normalcy? Some form of motivation right ! What keeps us going in life? The hope built by us through motivation right! Read something that motivates you, watch something that inspires you. There is a lot of negativity filled in air, it’s our responsibility to replace it with uplifting thoughts. Keep unfolding a solution through motivation.

Make Spirituality a part of  your life:
  Spirituality means different things to different people, yet the sense of satisfaction & stability we achieve through it cannot be experienced anywhere in this materialistic world. It makes us feel Holistic, fearless, grounded and connected to all beings in nature. If you really believe in some form of energy or deity you should practice spirituality for inner growth & peace.

” It is your reaction to Adversity, not the adversity itself  that determines how life ‘s story will develop”
              Dieter F. Uchtdorf


12 thoughts on “How to deal with the Lock down blues?

      1. You just made my day Ambica. I feel so worthy, from the depth of my soul, that my words are inspiring and helping others to cope their inner demons wisely. Thx for motivating me too to keep writing. God bless..

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      1. We truely respect and honor all the health care department all over the world for their commendable courage in the need of the hour. They are the frontline soldiers in fighting the virus war for us today. We look hopeful and feel safe because of them. They are the living god’s for humanity today. They are setting an example for humanity of the true inner strength that we all have inside us. We all should pray for their well being and success. Our true heros are humanbeings too and its our duty to keep them motivated and encouraged with genuine compliments as they are the people who are exposed to negative vibration daily, then us sitting at home.Plz pass my words to our living heros. Thx mrs Kelley. It’s a great honor to know that your son is healthcare worker. Kudos to them.god bless them all.

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      2. Thank you so much, your words are so inspiring. It’s so strange. I remember when my oldest was going out of country, and I asked him why, he just got back from 2 tours, and volunteered to go on another. He said to protect his country, with so much heart. I learned then not to show my fear for them, to bless them and keep my faith.

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  1. I must say you are really a strong hearted mother and respect ur loved ones, purpose of life ,be it life threatening or nerve-racking for you. U did the right think. Not everyone responds d same way Needs a lot of courage and faith. I m inspired too by your decision.


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