Are you bogged down in the second wave of blues? Time for some Motivation…

        There is no doubt, everyone is going to go through a breaking point during these extended lock down periods often. Where we feel like our excitement & drive is gripped by fear & pessimistic thoughts due to uncontrollable and fluctuating external circumstances, day by day.            
            Despite of all these, what we have to practice in this stuck up situation is to give ourselves a second push of Motivation to survive this second tide patiently, repeating until things are under control one fine day. All it takes is a few minutes of motivation, in whichever form you prefer, be it through watching videos, reading books, hearing podcasts or speaking to your coach, admirer whichever form you find convenient, but keep continuity in this process until we surpass this phase successfully.
      If staying indoors & locked up in your home is your biggest problem, then let me tell you one inspiring story of a phenomenal leader & a miraculous rescue operation which occurred last year,  which are one of the immaculate examples of resilience.This will surely make you wonder about the super human capabilities one can have. If practiced and nurtured patiently in a right way, will bring unimaginable possibilities.

Nelson Mandela

     Nelson Mandela is one of the world s most revered politician. Who became the first black president of South Africa at the age of 75, after being jailed for 27 years in prison for political offenses. He won the Nobel peace prize in 1993.
       His Charisma, extremely modest sense of humour, lack of bitterness inspite of such a harsh treatment, partly explains his extraordinary global appeal. Though the conditions in prison were sparse, he was highly disciplined. He would try to study & take part in exercise everyday,even if it was painful at times. This period was a great learning for him.
      It was a struggle for his body to survive in prison. But it was his spirit that enabled Nelson Mandela to survive such a unhumane conditions in dank cell. Despite the trials & tribulations of his life, he acted with grace and dignity that befitted his humanity.

  Thai cave rescue

     Everyone knows about this news flashing with the miraculous escape of 12 young boys and their foot ball Coach last year. Not to forget, the gruelling efforts of everyone involved to this rescue them.
        When the rescuers spotted the team after nearly two weeks trapped in the most impenetrable cave, they were surprised at how calm the boys of  football team were. Ekapol Chantawong, the coach of the team, exemplified wisdom & compassion during this tough times & kept the team calm with Buddhist meditation techniques. He was a Buddhist monk for ten years before becoming a coach.
        Isn’t it inspiring to hear that this mere effective skill of practicing ‘Meditation’ helped all the team to keep themselves stable, motivated & calm until help arrived!
      Aren’t we still at a better place or rather most comfortable places in our own home, our only challenge is our safety & self control.
       Let’s honor their docility and practice their path without any expectations. We all can be heros of our own life. It’s our turn now. Give your best and leave the rest to the Universe.




3 thoughts on “Are you bogged down in the second wave of blues? Time for some Motivation…

  1. I think we must utilize this time to look at ourselves. We try discover the real self during this time. Pessimism leads failure.

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