New Normal or ‘Clipping our own wings ‘?

Now a days dreams have become a beautiful ❤️ living reality and reality ,a set of broken dreams .

My eyes are stressed, gazing at the screen, But it still is the best option ,I feel…

I wake up with a plastic smile,and maintain it till the day goes fine.

Terrace, balconies & windows are my favourite hotspots. It allows me to connect to the outer world . And helps me restrain to open my house door 🚧

My hands are dry ,with frequent washing .OCD is creeping in,but there is nothing I can do about this

Like it or not , Doning trendy masks is going to be the new norm & style in the global history 🌎

Distance is the first thing that pops out of my mind ,when I see some one like me …

What a kooky ‘New normal ‘ is this ? Breathing carefully for my own safety

Have we being racing & working so hard intellectually to evolve to this level of restriction ? from the life of comfort to the life of self destruction

Our freedom of thoughts have taken the freedom of humanity today🤐

I would rather be a mindless 🌳 tree , breathing fresh air freely ….

19 thoughts on “New Normal or ‘Clipping our own wings ‘?

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