3 Ways to Conquer Global Stress Sensibly

Yes , we all have successfully dealt, abiding with all lockdown rules meticulously, revealing our super inner power called ‘ Self – Control ‘ which we never ever bothered to practice,due to the freedom of thoughts & tempting luxuries offered to us by the outside money- grubbing world ,earlier. It’s certainly a motivating factor for the human race to be so stringently adaptive to all the harsh restrictions forced on us , in todays fast paced modern world. But before we think ,we have outshined this phase successfully, it’s time to remind each one of us that in coming months or years ,even if we managed to fight the virus efficiently and design a vaccine to be immune with it, by then things in the outer world are not going to be the same as before. It will take years to re-establish the economic recovery of all the countries. We will get to see tremendous amount of unemployment globally. Also other global consequences of COVID – 19 , God knows what ?This events will naturally cause extended stress & frustation on all of us in future ,causing to lose our minds at times. To avoid the brunt of these circumstances all we need is a good planning and few sensible ways to deal with the Post Covid trama.1. Patience :Patience is that journey from failure to success which keeps the backbone of your mental sanity aligned to gather all broken hopes & failures on the way & move calmly till you reach the goal. It’s our no.1 Rehabilitater right now, and we should learn to cultivate it now in our daily lives for coming months till things go back to normalcy. Knowing that we all are very well accustomed with the bitter fact that ,the world is going to take some more time to heal and eradicate the virus completely.2. Be Responsible for your own safety & others :While all the medical team & scientist are striving unflinchingly to come up with a cure ,we as a compliant citizens of own countries can determine to atleast take responsibility of our own & loved ones ,by not violating the updated loosened rules & misuse the necessary freedom privileged to all of us in the coming months. If we all work collectively ,we will surely curb the spread successfully.3. Invest in yourself :The reason I have chose this tip as a factor to conquer our global stress is to be that asset urself , utilizing this valuable time to enhance ur personality alternatively than overthinking or worrying about future unemployments & inflation. Investing in yourself is the only key to preserve your capacity to sustain wealth in near future,no matter how crippling the economic state be. So invest in yourself right now ,to be the best asset for your business or employer it will surely yield future returns .☺️

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