Hence I Resign…..

      Don’t price my words, like a Scrabble board, I am not a hoard , but simply emotional soul.

       I write when I feel , not when you fix me a deal, thats the way I heal .

     I will write what  I  wish ,and strike what is not me.

      Care for granting some liberty, my words are not a puppet you swing.

       I type my words like a  free dancer on the stage ,you restrict my moment and don’t give me my space.

       My creativity comes with the flow, not when you are in a mood to glow.

     The writer inside me is the pen of my soul. Not always I write for numbers to score.

      Hence I resign, as my soul feels declined…..


4 thoughts on “Hence I Resign…..

    1. Thanks Sumit for ur brilliant comments, also following this novice blogger.🤗. Loved going through all your poems, they are just outstanding. I am so glad to discover ur blog today. Keep inspiring .


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